Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

We like to have beautiful and youthful hair. In addition, people prefer to have their chosen hair color to be what they want it to be. Some products, however, can be damaging to the hair especially if they contain ingredients that are artificial or chemically based. Lucky for us, there is a product that can not only give us the long-lasting color or shade we want with our hair but it is also a product that can naturally enhance the health of our hair and this product is known as Naturtint Permanent Hair Color. If you want to know more about this product, read on and find out!

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color: All About The Brand

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color is a form of permanent hair color that uses more plant ingredients than chemicals. As such, choosing to buy Naturtint hair color can be the healthier option for your hair and the better choice for our environment as Naturtint products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The manufacturer, Naturtint, has been in the hair product business for about two (2) decades (20 years) and has been aggressively driving towards reduced chemicals in hair products. The laboratory origins of Naturtint can be traced to Phergal Laboratories in Spain and with their advances in hair products, hair color that is ammonia-free became possible in 1994. 

Is  Naturtint Permanent Hair Color: Is It Useful or Beneficial?

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color is extremely useful as it can provide the kind of color they prefer and at the same time keep the hair nourished and healthy. This is because Naturtint Permanent Hair Color contains minimal artificial ingredients or chemicals and has the following key ingredients for its color developer- oxyquinoline sulfate, cetearth-20, laureth-3, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol,  hydrogen peroxide, and 2.1 fl oz / 60 ml: Aqua purificata (purified water)

Why is Naturtint Permanent Hair Color Better than Competitors

As mentioned earlier, Naturtint Permanent Hair Color has minimal chemical and artificial ingredients which means it can better help in the maintenance and enhancement of hair health and nourishment. In fact, Naturtint Permanent Hair Color claims to provide beautiful colored hair for almost three (3) weeks, contains oleic acid from real olives, and a commitment to increase the nourishment and protection of hair. 

Benefits of Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

Listed below are some of the benefits of Naturtint Permanent Hair Color:

  • It can provide results that are vibrant and healthy
  • It is backed up with the rigors of scientific research and verifiable data
  • Using Naturtint ensures that the product you are using is sustainable for mother nature. 
  • Using Naturtint ensures that the product you are using is cruelty-free
  • Most importantly, Naturtint leans towards the use of plant-based ingredients which means a more natural combination that can help in the nourishment of hair

What Is The Price? How Does It Compare To Competitor Products?

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color is competitively priced at $78.29 based on the Amazon website. A similar product called Daeng Gi Meo Ri Medicinal Herb Hair Color is priced lower at $14.15.

Company Information

For questions or clarifications, customers may directly contact with the manufacturer, Naturtint, via telephone number 877-372-6567 or via their company e-mail at or via the customer contact us page at

Customer Reviews  

Listed below are some of the positive reviews for the said product

I’ve used Naturtint for 8 years. What a difference! Covers gray & is gentle. The company is very responsive to questions. These boxes have a fraction of less than the standard size. The savings are considerable (half what I’d pay in a store). I was worried the use-by dates wouldn’t give me enough time to use them but I was enormously pleased that they don’t expire for 5 years! The newer box includes protective cream to help color last. Naturtint is great: they encourage you to color only gray roots…so you maintain hair health & save $. Everyone I’ve suggested trying Naturtint has been pleased.


This is THE best hair color you can get out there!!! The color itself is excellent..covers well and looks so natural. My integrative doctor recommended it because I have some autoimmune issues and this color is very mild on the scalp and is non-ammonia based. I have no burning or itching and there is no strong odor. When you buy the six-pack, the price is about $8.20….less than the average good hair color that you can buy in the stores and a much better price than if you bought just one box at Whole Foods. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair! I give Naturtint the highest rating!


Although I have not used my new batch yet with the lighter tint than my previous one, I have every confidence that this one also will measure up. I always look forward to using it because it makes me look 20 years younger. My hair looks fuller, shinier and perfect color every time. With every order of 6 boxes, I take it down a notch with a lighter shade. Thank you, Amazon for selling the Naturtint at an affordable price. My package arrived before the predicted dates and in great condition by USPS priority mail. I did not have to wait for it and waste my day. Thank you Naturtint for your seamless method of shipping and a fantastic trustful product.

Sarah L

The package came very fast with 6 boxes of the color that I choose.

I am very happy with my order because even with the shipping fees the price it’s just perfect!

I am using this product since February 2014 and I love it. I am very picky about hair colors since my hairs are very thin and delicate. This product does not contain ammonia, it doesn’t smell and it covers grey hairs very well. I have to add that I realized that the color may last more than 3 weeks if you use also the Nutrideep Multiplier, which is the cream that comes with the color and the shampoo in the box. It really helps to fix and last the color.


Listed below are some of the negative reviews for the said product

I have been using 4N for over a year now.

Inside bottle renews at this time.

I put this product for over an hour every time.

Usually only once enough to color on my hair.

But not this time.

I color twice at this time.

Because it doesn’t good color like all last year.

So I thought my work doesn’t really good and I did color the next day for over an hour again.

See pictures. It is not clear to see my pics.

But white hair still there

I using professional tools for hair color when I do it my self.

Look my picture…, such a poor job !!!!

I need to return 2 more boxes !!!!

I don’t use any more!!!


I am still in complete shock. I have very thick hair, thank God, otherwise, it would have been even worse. I used the product maybe 4 times and all of the sudden noticed significant thinning. Don’t use, very toxic and not natural at all!! Other reviews on other sides have noticed a lot of hair loss too, not the only one…


I bought 6 packs of Naturtint and just used one of them. It does not work well at covering the gray. I left it on for 1 hour and it still not covering the stubborn grey at my temples. The only good thing is there is no awful chemical smell. Now I am stuck with five packs of Naturtint with bad grey coverage.


Where to buy

Those who wish to buy Naturtint Permanent Hair Color may visit the Amazon website at

Califia Almond Milk

Califia Almond Milk is unsweetened almond milk. It’s plant-based, dairy-free, and Keto-friendly. This is an alternative to dairy milk for people with conditions like lactose intolerance.

About the Brand and The Company

Many people today are looking for an alternative to dairy products. This includes those on a vegan diet and those with food allergies/intolerances like lactose. There are various non-dairy alternatives including almond milk. 

Unsweetened milk provides several benefits. It’s ideal for people on a low/no-sugar diet. It also helps to keep the milk low-carb since added sugar also adds carbs to food and can make the milk Keto/Atkins-unfriendly.

The goal of Califia Farms is to be a game-changer for farming/animals. It focuses on providing alternatives to dairy milk including almond and coconut milk. The reason is raising plant-based food requires less land and water, which makes it an eco-friendly option.

Califia Farms was founded about a decade ago in 2010. While it hasn’t been on the market for a long time it’s taking a game-changing approach to farm by offering alternatives to dairy milk. The company’s products include healthy ingredients like almonds, coconuts, and oats. It also offers several plant-based creams. 

This product is unsweetened almond milk. It’s a vegan, dairy-free, and low-carb nut milk. The food is also non-genetically modified organisms (GMOs) so a good option if you’re looking for natural milk.  

Is It Tasty?

The product has received mostly positive online reviews at retailers like Amazon. It’s worth noting that this is nut milk so the flavor will be somewhat different from a dairy. However, almonds have many of the same nutritional value was dairy in terms of protein, healthy fats, etc. This provides a similar taste to the original dairy product.  

Ingredients: List key ingredients that make this product special/effective.

The main difference of this product is it’s plant-based instead of animal-sourced. Almonds are a healthy food that contains various nutrients like protein, healthy fats, vitamins/minerals/antioxidants, and fiber. National Geographic’s Blue Zones program showed it was one of the key foods consumed by world regions with the highest life expectancies.

It’s also important to note what’s not included in the nut milk. It has no gluten, soy, sugar, and GMOs. These are important if you want to avoid such ingredients. Today many consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional dairy milk. 

This product is available in different flavors including:

  • Chocolate coconut
  • Creamy Original
  • Go Coconuts
  • Holiday Nog
  • Toasted coconut
  • Toasted Oats n’ Almond
  • Sweetened
  • Unsweetened Vanilla
  • Vanilla 

This provides consumers with a wide range of different flavors. Even though the milk is almond-based you can find the Califia milk in different flavors. 

Why Is Califia Almond Milk Better Than Competitors

There are some key features of this product that many competitors don’t offer. One of the main ones is that you can get an 8-pack of almond milk. This can help you save money since the cost per piece is in the under-$10 range. 

The product also is sugar-free. This provides various benefits. It keeps the food low-carb so it’s Keto-friendly. This is a plus since you can remain in the state of ketosis. You can also stay within your daily carb limit, which is 50g for standard Keto/Atkins programs.  

What Are The Benefits?

1. Non-dairy 

Califia’s almond milk is a healthy choice if you’re looking for non-dairy milk. Since it’s nut milk you won’t have to deal with many of the problems linked to dairy milk. For example, some people have a food allergy/lactose intolerance. In those situations, it’s important to find a non-dairy substitute.

2. Non-GMO

This is also a healthy product since it’s plant-based and non-GMO. There’s some debate about whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are healthy. It’s better to be on the safe side and go with natural products like non-GMOs milk. This can help to prevent a lot of side-effects.

3. Several flavors

This nut milk is available in nine flavors. This is a plus since it provides several options. In fact, there’s even an unsweetened flavor if you don’t want options like Coconut, Chocolate, Oats, or Vanilla. 

4. Calcium

This product has 2x more calcium versus milk. This might be surprising but it’s a plus if you’re looking for a high-calorie beverage. Calcium is important for various body functions like strong bones/teeth.

5. Sugar-free

There’s no added sugar in the unsweetened version. There’s also unsweetened vanilla. If you’re one a low-carb or no-sugar diet this is critical. Added sugar can provide several health benefits. They include blood sugar spikes and a higher risk of type-2 diabetes.

If you’re on a low-carb diet then sugar is also a problem. That’s because added sugar increases the carb count. That can be a problem if you’re counting carbs. 

6. No gluten/soy

These are some common food allergies that people have. So it’s a plus when nut milk doesn’t have either of them. There are various reasons why people avoid gluten and soybeans including food allergies, Paleo diets, etc.

If you’re trying to avoid gluten/grains and soy/tofu then this product is a good option. It doesn’t have either of them.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

The product works out to under-$10 if you purchase the 8-pack. The price isn’t really “cheap” but consider that you’re getting nut milk, which requires food processing. The nut milk is also healthy and doesn’t include various additives like sugar, GMOs, etc.which makes it a healthier option.  

Company Information

  • Company Address: 3502 Lerdo Hwy Bakersfield, CA 93308 United States
  • Phone Number: +1 661-679-1000
  • Website:

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Several cartons
  • Shipped cold
  • Good quality
  • Tastes good
  • Non-GMO

5 negative reviews

  • Shipping issues
  • Perishable product 
  • “Natural flavors” unclear
  • Small amount of almonds
  • Some people don’t like the taste

Where to Buy

You can purchase this product online or in physical stores. They include well-known retailers like Amazon. This provides more convenience. For example, if you want more convenience you can buy purchase from an online supplier. Another factor is the company was launched about a decade ago so you can find its products at several physical/online retailers. 

Natracare Organic All Cotton Tampons

Natracare’s organic all-cotton tampons provide a more comfortable and eco-friendly option compared to regular items. This provides several benefits that are good for the user and the planet. 

About This Brand

The world’s women use about 10 billion tampons every month. While there are some biodegradable options on the market most are disposable. Besides that, there are some parts that can take five centuries to decompose.

Natracare’s organic tampons are made to deal with the problem. That’s because their products are completely biodegradable. So you won’t have to centuries for them to get absorbed by the soil. This makes them a green option that you should consider. This product.

Natracare has launched 30 years ago in 1989. In fact, it produced the world’s first biodegradable tampon in the world. This has made the company and its products a game-changer.  

In recent years many biodegradable versions of common healthcare products have hit the market. People and companies are focusing on the importance of reducing waste by reducing products that get tossed into the garbage and take forever to decompose.  

Natracare provides several benefits for both the user and the environment. Besides being “green” it’s also 100% cotton. This makes the tampon more comfortable than ones that include many synthetic ingredients.

This product also doesn’t include any chemicals so you also won’t have to worry about allergic reactions when wearing the tampon. That’s another common issue women frequently have to deal with. The good news is this case there won’t be any issues since there are no chemicals.

Is It Useful?

Natracare is very practical. One of the reasons is the tampon is made with biodegradable materials. So the tampon can break down over time and the process won’t take hundreds of years. 

Another key feature of the biodegradable tampon is it’s made of 100% cotton. This is a plus since it will help to make the wearer more comfortable. This is important because other materials can be very uncomfortable for the wearer. So besides not being biodegradable, they can cause issues for the users. 


The main material that’s worth noting is cotton. This is one of the main benefits of the product since it’s biodegradable. This compares to some parts of traditional tampons that actually take 500 years to break down. This can cause a lot of issues.

Besides the environmental issues, another key benefit of cotton is it provides a better experience for the user. That’s because cotton is much softer and won’t cause the potential discomfort of traditional tampons due to the material itself and various components that are also uncomfortable.

Is It Better Than Competitors

One of the main benefits of Natracare is it’s the first product of its kind on the market. Since the company’s biodegradable tampon was a game-changing product it certainly provides benefits versus others on the market. Like other products, it could be argued that this one is the “original and best.” 

Another key benefit of this product over the competition is the tampon is 100% biodegradable. Other products might combine cotton with other textiles, which make only part of the product biodegradable. If you want a truly eco-friendly product then it’s important for the entire unit to be biodegradable and made of eco-friendly material like cotton.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the top benefits is this product is made from 100% biodegradable materials. The main one is cotton, which is able to break down and naturally return to the soil. This differs from some components in traditional tampons that take centuries to do that. 

Another key benefit of this product is a comfort. Since the tampon is made of cotton it’s a soft fabric that’s used for many types of clothing already including shirts and pants. It’s a common product so you won’t have to spend a small fortune on it. 

In terms of the big picture, the company has a vision for a plastic-tree world. This helps to explain why the product is a popular one. Other consumers want to make shopping decisions that have a positive effect on the environment. This is definitely a plus when billions of disposable tampons are used every month and the vast majority of them aren’t biodegradable. 

How Much Is It?

You could buy one pack that includes 16 pieces. The best deal in terms of price is to buy the 12-pack in the under-$40 price range. It works out to about 20 cents per piece. This is quite low so not only are you saving the world but also saving some money in the process.

One possible issue some women might have is the organic tampons are somewhat pricier than the non-organic ones. However, if you think about the effects on the environment it’s tough to put a price tag on that. For example, it works out to 120 billion tampons used per year, which adds up quickly if you consider most are not organic.

Company Information

  • Company Address: 3620 W. 10th St., Unit B Greeley, CO 80634-1852
  • Phone Number: (800)796-2872
  • Website:

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Organic product
  • No chemicals
  • No animal testing
  • Very effective
  • Good price 

5 negative reviews

  • Long/skinny
  • Might leak
  • Might not work well
  • Cardboard applicator 
  • Some issues with applicator

 Where To Buy

You can buy these organic tampons at online and physical stores. This company was the first one to launch biodegradable tampons so it’s much easier to find the products versus other brands. Natracare has also been on the market for 30 years so it’s a much more established company than others. 

You can purchase online if you want more convenience. However, you’ll also have to deal with shipping costs.  

Throat Coat Seasonal Tea Traditional Medicinals Organic

Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat Seasonal Tea is an herbal tea that’s United States Food & Drug Administration (USDA) certified organic. It has a mild licorice flavor and is available in 6-box packs. The product is also caffeine-free so it’s safe to drink before bedtime and if you have heart conditions that require a low/no-caffeine diet.

Tea is the world’s most popular beverage after water. There are many types including green, black, and herbal teas. This healthy drink can provide several health benefits including detox, lower blood pressure, and sleep aid.

Throat Coat is an herbal tea that’s USDA-certified organic and non-GMO. It’s made from various herbs and has a mild licorice flavor. Throat coat tea is also non-caffeine so it’s safe if you have heart conditions or want to fall asleep faster at night.

Herbal tea can provide several health benefits. They include lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and bad cholesterol. Herbal teas are also helpful for detox since they’re loaded with healthy plant-based chemical compounds.

When picking an herbal tea it’s a plus to selecting the one that’s natural/organic. That helps to reduce the risk of health issues caused by synthetic fertilizers/pesticides. This can cause possible health problems even if the product is a natural one like teabags.

Traditional Medicinals is a California (USA)-based company. It was founded four decades ago in 1979. This company offers several plant-based products. They include herbal supplements and different kinds of teas including:

  •  Detox
  • Green
  • Laxative
  • Seasonal
  • Relaxation

Is It Tasty Or Useful?

This provides several options if you’re looking for a different tea. For example, seasonal teas are good options during winter months when colds/flu are common. During these months it’s important to boost one’s immune system to provide better protection from cold/flu viruses.


When picking an herbal tea it’s important to avoid ones with strong flavors. This sometimes happens because of the type(s) of herbs used and other factors. It can cause various issues because the teas might be tough to digest or simply might not taste good.

Throat Coat has been described as having a mild licorice flavor. Many online customers have given this product high marks on Amazon. That’s based on the results the tea provides as well as the taste.

Is It Better Than Other Competitors?

This product is available in other seasonal teas that include other features like eucalyptus, Echinacea, and breathing-friendly. These are plusses since they provide different options if you’re looking for different features in the seasonal teas.

Another key feature of this herbal tea product is it’s certified USDA-organic. As a result, it contains no GMOs in the form of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc. This makes tea truly natural/healthy. It’s certainly one of the top benefits of the product.

Another plus is that this product is available in 6-pack variety. This provides you with nearly 100 tea bags, which could last 3+ months if you consume one tea bag per day. Besides providing you with nearly 100 tea bags it also helps to reduce the cost.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Anti-sore throat

This throat coat tea is a good option if you want to treat/prevent sore throats. It’s one of the seasonal herbal teas from the company. This symptom is one of the most common ones during the winter season when the flu but is floating around getting people sick.

2. USDA-certified organic

It’s important to watch out for “organic” products since dietary supplements are regulated differently than food. A big plus of this product is it’s certified organic by the USA’s government. This is a plus since it shows the product isn’t just claimed to be organic but actually is as such.

3. Mild flavor

This product provides a mild licorice flavor. It’s not overpowering like other herbal teas on the market. They sometimes have a strong/medicine taste that can be difficult to consume and especially if you’re already sick.

4. Large quantity

This product offers nearly 100 pieces since it’s a 6-pack. This is a plus since it provides a big supply. Even if you consume one tea bag with every meal you’ll still have a full month’s supply. If you consume 1 tea bag/day that works out to 3+ months, which can save you time, money, and effort.

5. Industry experience

This company has 40 years of experience in the industry. As a result, it’s a better plus over other companies like startups and generic brands. You’ll also be less likely to find quality organic products from such companies/brands. So if you want good quality at a decent price then this product is a good option.

What Is The Price?

The price for the 6-box pack is in the under-$30 price tag. It works out to less than 40 cents/tea bags. That’s quite reasonable if you’re on a shoestring budget but what to enjoy some quality tea.

You’ll have to spend more for the 6-box pack but it’s definitely worth considering if you want to save money in the long term. As always buying a multi-box pack will save you money over purchasing each unit individually.

Company Information

Company Address 4515 Ross Road Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone Number 1-800-543-4372

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Good taste
  • Calming
  • Excellent value
  • Improves throat health
  • Good for digestion

5 negative reviews

  • Sometimes no flavor
  • Weak tea
  • Licorice flavor
  • Might cause bloating
  • Might be stale

Where To Buy

You can find this product online and brick & mortar stores. The company was launched 4 decades ago. As a result, you can find it at various locations including physical supermarkets and health food stores.

You can also find this product at various online retailers like Amazon. This provides more convenience since you can shop from your home, office, school, or anywhere you have your phone/tablet and web connectivity.