The average adult in America makes about 35,000 decisions daily. As soon as you wake up, you start making decisions. Do you prefer to shower or snooze? Should you wear shorts or jeans? Should you drink tea or coffee? There are just so many decisions to make.

Another major decision you might not have thought about is whether to use a stainless silver water bottle or a plastic bottle. This is a decision you should make carefully.

We all know that it’s vital to ensure we’re drinking safe water. But how would you do this, especially when you’re not at home? At home, you most likely have a treatment system to ensure that your water supply is fresh and clean.

But then, outside your home, you might be left with no other option than to use plastic bottles. Some people buy bottled water in plastic bottles whenever they are outside and thirsty. And some others simply refill their plastic bottle with filtered water from home and reuse it daily.

Experts say that this practice might not be the best. More so, people have raised concerns about how safe the BPA present in plastic bottles is for human health.

To be honest, if you’re reusing your water bottles, it means you are taking steps to safeguard the environment. However, a further step would be to shift away completely from using plastic bottles. Stainless steel bottles are usually better.

Why Use a Stainless Silver Water Bottle?

1. They are eco-friendly

Do you know the source of stainless steel? They come from natural elements and they are easy to recycle if need be. Plastic bottles can also be recycled but the process of recycling and even creating them is not so eco-friendly.

2. They are usually more durable

Plastic bottles can be so flimsy. Some of them can’t be used more than once because they crush easily. But then, some can be used many times over. And even those can melt if you wash them in your dishwasher. Stainless can, however, survive even if you stack them under a heavyweight. 

3. They are fit for diverse conditions

You can use stainless water bottles under almost any condition. They are very versatile and durable. This is why many adventurers and athletes use them rather than plastic bottles.

4.  They can keep your water how you want it

Steel bottles can help keep your water hot or cold. That way, you get to drink your water just the way you want it. You wouldn’t have to endure drinking lukewarm water from plastic bottles anymore.

Stainless water bottles can insulate their contents for many hours. This insulating property means your water can remain cool for about one full day after you have filled the bottle with cool water. Hot water, on the other hand, would remain warm for about 6 hours.

5.  You can use your dishwasher for stainless steel bottles 

Using your dishwasher for plastic bottles can render them unusable. But you can use the dishwasher regularly for your stainless silver bottle. Stainless steels are completely safe for the dishwasher but plastic bottles, on the other hand, could melt.

Silver Water Bottles are Safer

Plastics bottles might constitute a serious health risk for many obvious reasons. These bottles emit harmful chemicals that might be cancerous. 

If you switch to using silver bottles, the harmful carcinogens that come from bottles would not leach into your water. One common example of these carcinogens is BPA.

Do you know that Canada and Japan have placed a total ban on BPA? And in case you didn’t know, the full name for BPA is bisphenol-A. In America, however, the U.S. FDA has refused to place a total ban on BPA.

Why has the FDA refused to place a total ban on BPA in plastic bottles? Medical studies have shown that this chemical is harmful to people’s health. Anyways, in 2012, the FDA placed a ban on the use of BPA in sippy cups and baby bottles.

Plastic-free silver water bottles don’t contain any BPA whatsoever. And there are no other dangerous chemicals in them. This makes them safer options than plastic bottles,

Aside from being a carcinogen, experts say that BPA also has a close link with reproductive issues. But even though experts have proven this over and over again, you can still find BPA in almost every plastic bottle out there on the American market.

Both reusable and disposable plastic water bottles contain BPA. But even the few BPA-free options most likely contain some other toxins. If you let a plastic bottle sit around for some time or expose it to heat, it would leak some chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine.

In 2011, researchers conducted a study on over 450 plastics products that are made for water and food. Most of these plastic products contained no BPA. However, 70% of them still released estrogen-like chemicals.

This is even worse because plastic products are generally porous. So as you sip water from your plastic bottle, you might also be gulping down some harmful bacteria. Silver bottles, on the other hand, keep bacteria, such as mold and others at bay.

Why use silver water bottle


Silver water bottles are eco-friendly, durable, and versatile. They are also safe for your health and easy to clean. They are, therefore, excellent alternatives to plastic bottles. It might also interest you to know that steels would not rust.

You can also get as many special features as you would like. There are special caps, carrying straps, cool colors, spouts, clips, handles, and so many unique shapes. If you like, you can also get a customized bottle.

Aside from the health benefits that you would get from switching to silver bottles, there are also some lifestyle benefits. These include the fact that they are cheaper in the long run and you can personalize them to fit your personal needs.

A silver water bottle can last for as long as twelve (12) years. So you don’t have to keep spending now and then. You should consider getting one for yourself soon.

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