Maqui berry is one of the exotic fruits in this world. This dark-purple fruit has gained lots of traction for its potential benefits for human health. You will find lots of this amazing fruit on the soils of America. The native people of Chile, particularly the Mapuche Indians often harvest this fruit. From ancient times, they have used their berries, leaves, and stems for medicinal purposes. This is a native practice that has survived thousands of years. This super-fruit has lots of antioxidants, like many other berries. It also has great health benefits, including the regulation of blood glucose and reduced inflammation, as well as benefits for heart health. It is quite hard to get the fresh berries of the maqui fruit. But maqui powder is quite easy to get. More so, you can add it to your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, desserts, and so on to get the same health benefits.

Some experts suggest that Maqui berries have potent anti-aging effects. They also say it is good for your eyes and for your gut too. You should expect that any fruit rich in antioxidants will have various health benefits. Well, Maqui berries are not an exception. We still have limited research on Maqui berries and their powder. But the current evidence available is very intriguing, to say the least. By the time experts carry out extensive clinical trials on Maqui berries, we will have more to say about its effects. But for now, we can bask in the euphoria of its potential benefits.

Health Benefits of Maqui Powder

We have mentioned that Maqui powder is made from Maqui berries. We also mentioned that while Maqui berries may be scarce, the powers are not. You may wonder, is there another reason why we should consider Maqui powders for health purposes?

Maqui berries indeed contain lots of antioxidants and vitamins. But then, these amazing nutrients start to deteriorate from the moment you pick the fruit. However, we can preserve these nutrients by making the berry into powders when they are still at a nutritional peak.

These powders will retain the peak nutritional and health benefits of the berries. Some of these health benefits are as follows:

1. Powerful antioxidants

You must have heard about how free radicals can damage the cells of your body. The only solution to these unstable molecules is antioxidants. They help neutralize free radicals and prevent them from causing inflammation, cell damage, and disease.

The antioxidants in Maqui powder are very potent. They will tackle free radicals in your body. This will, in turn, help lower your risks of having chronic diseases, especially as you age. Examples of such chronic diseases include diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

It may interest you to know that Maqui fruit is about 3 times higher in antioxidant content than strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The most abundant antioxidants in Maqui berries are anthocyanins.

These antioxidants are the reasons why Maqui berries have a purple color. You can imagine how abundant they are, to the extent that they determine the fruit’s color.

2. Anticancer properties

The antioxidants that are in maqui powders can help reduce the replication of cancer cells. They can also help suppress the growth of tumor cells and even induce their death.

3. Anti-aging benefits

This also goes along with its rich antioxidants. Experts even prove that Maqui can counter cell damage due to UV sunlight exposure. This prevents premature skin aging to a large extent.

4. Dry eyes relief

Experts discovered that you can increase tear production in your eyes by about 50% with only 30 to 60mg concentrated Maqui. This is beneficial for those suffering from eye dryness.

5. Fights inflammation

One of the great potentials that Maqui powder has is for fighting inflammation and the conditions associated with it. Such conditions include arthritis, heart disease, certain lung problems, and diabetes (type II).

Some time ago, experts carried out a research study involving smokers. They wanted to know how 2g of Maqui powder will affect lung inflammation in these smokers. After two weeks of trials, the smokers who were taking the powder 2 times daily had a lot less lung inflammation than the other smokers who were not taking the powder.

6. Heart Health

The abundant anthocyanins in Maqui powder is indeed a big deal. These potent antioxidants have strong links with a healthy heart.

Regular consumption of anthocyanins can lower your risks of having a heart attack by a whopping 32%. Anthocyanins can also reduce your risk of hypertension by about 12%. These are not just bogus claims. They have strong scientific backing from expert research.

We still have limited research on the effects of Maqui extracts on LDL cholesterol levels. But this is another potential way through which the powder can benefit your heart health.

7. Blood glucose regulation

Maqui extract offers a natural way to moderate your blood glucose levels. Certain compounds in Maqui have positive effects on how your body breaks carbs down and the way it uses them for energy. This may, in turn, help regulate your blood glucose levels.

When your blood glucose is under control, your risks of developing diabetes will reduce. Even if you are already prediabetic, the active compounds in Maqui can help keep diabetes at bay.

A few other potential ways by which Maqui extract can benefit your health include the great support it gives to your eye health. It also helps promote your gut health.

Side Effects and Safety Concerns

There are no serious side effects of safety concerns with using Maqui extract. The powder is safe for oral use so long as you don’t go beyond 180mg daily for more than 3 months. But remember that there is no FDA regulation on the production and usage of Maqui extract. Maqui Powder: Uses, Side Effects & Health BenefitsThere are no serious side effects of safety concerns with using Maqui extract. The powder is safe for oral use so long as you don’t go beyond 180mg daily for more than 3 months. But remember that there is no FDA regulation on the production and usage of Maqui extract.

Maqui powder can support and benefit your health in many amazing ways. But you must be careful not to practice self-treatment for any health condition using Maqui, while you avoid standard. Such practices are risky and may have dire consequences.

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