Are you shopping for organic walnuts? There are many options when shopping for a superfood. Fun Fact: Archeologists have dug up roasted walnut shells in Europe that were 8000+ years old. Walnuts are a super-healthy food high in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins/minerals. They can be added to different recipes including chocolate chip cookies, green beans, and salads. These are some of the many dishes you can add the super-nut too. There are even some less-known options like pumpkin-walnut bread. Walnuts can provide several benefits to your food in terms of taste, texture, and nutrition. One of the main benefits of walnuts and other tree nuts is the munchy -crunchy goodness.

It’s important to note that natural and organic foods aren’t the same. For example, organic nuts are grown without any synthetic ingredients. That includes fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. This seems to provide more nutritional value since you won’t be consuming any food that was exposed to strong artificial chemicals. Such chemicals have been connected to many health issues so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible. There are several options so it’s good to know some of the top options. This will give you the best experience when picking a walnut brand.

What Are Walnuts All About?

Walnuts are a seed that is produced by the walnut tree. Walnuts are technical “drupes.” That’s because there’s a fruit that’s covered by a soft outer layer covering a seed within a thin shell.

Here’s how walnuts grow. When they age on the walnut tree the outer shell dries up and pulls off. This leaves the shell/seed. Regardless of whether it’s called nut or drupe, walnuts are seeds.

Walnuts are grown throughout the world but mostly in the Northern hemisphere. They’re also found in South America and Africa. Walnuts have been used in sweet/savory dishes for hundreds of years.

Persian/English is one of the most popular walnut varieties. It has a thin shell and large seed. This provides more meat per weight versus other types. The walnut originally was grown in the Middle East. However, the British monopoly on the nut’s trade led to it being linked to both world regions.

Other popular varieties are black and white walnuts. Some walnut tree species are grown for the drupes and wood.

Walnuts are available in whole/shelled varieties. They can also be frozen and stored for many months. Almond oil is another product on the market.

The nuts can also cause health risks for people with nut allergies. So if you’re planning to cook a dish for guests with nuts, check if any of them have any nut-related food allergies. This can help to prevent possible allergic reactions. Tree nuts are one of the top allergy-triggering foods among people.

Walnuts are used for several kinds of products. They include:

  • Stuffing
  • Salads
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Fruit substitute

There are several ways walnuts can be used in cooking. This helps to explain their popularity in cooking. It’s worth researching the different uses of walnuts in various dishes.

Top Organic Walnut Brands

1. Organic Walnuts by NOW Foods

This product is certified organic/non-GMO. It includes a 12-ounce bag of walnuts. They’re raw/unsalted halves/pieces for baking and cooking applications.

2. Walnuts by Kirkland Signature

This is a good option based on the value you get. This product includes 3 lbs. of walnuts so it’s ideal for big recipes.

3. Walnuts by 365 Everyday Value

This is a 16-ounce product with walnut halves/pieces. There’s no salt added. The product is GMO-free/vegan.

4. California Walnuts by WE Got Nuts

This includes 3 lbs. of walnuts. They’re 100% natural with no preservatives. They’re fresh and include a resealable bag.

5. Chef’s Naturals Walnuts by FISHER

This product includes non-GMO walnut halves/pieces with no preservatives. You get 32 oz. of walnuts for good value.

6. Raw California Walnuts by Sunburst

The product includes 48 ounces of natural/no shell walnuts. The product is non-GMO and vegan with no preservatives.

7. Walnuts by Nature’s Eats

This product includes 16 ounces of walnuts. The product is 100% natural and heart-healthy. It’s also kosher certified.

8. Walnuts in Shell by Anna and Sarah

The product includes 5.5 pounds. The walnuts are in their natural shells and are unbleached. These are California-grown nuts.

9. Happy Belly Walnuts by Amazon Brand

The product is available in 16/40 ounce. This provides more flexibility depending on your cooking/baking needs.

10. California Walnuts by NUTS

The product includes raw/non-GMO walnuts. There’s a resealable bag so you can reuse it multiple times.

11. Black Walnuts by Hammons

The product includes an 8-ounce bag. It’s available in recipe ready and fancy large variants. It has a bold flavor for cooking/baking.

12. Shelled Walnuts by Diamond

This product includes 3 pounds of walnuts. You can pick 1 to 4 packs. The product includes fresh walnuts and is family-farmed.

Top Recipes for Organic Walnuts


You can also add walnuts to salads, which pairs well with greens and other ingredients. The main benefit is the crunch you get from the tree nuts. There is a wide range of recipes that include walnuts. The big plus is the extra texture you can add to traditional salad ingredients. They can include regular or candied walnuts.


You can add walnuts to a wide range of different cakes. The tree nut provides some extra crunch that can pair well with other ingredients. Even if a recipe doesn’t include organic walnuts you could add some for some extra crunchy goodness.


There’s a wide range of different pies that can include organic walnuts. If you want an alternative to pecan pie then this would be a good option. You can use many of the same nutrients as well as the ones that are especially high in walnuts.


When you want something between bread and cake then this is a good option. You can pair the walnuts with ingredients like cherries and pineapples. Do some research to find other available recipes.


This might seem like an odd option. However, you can add texture with walnuts and other ingredients like apples. This will help to boost the protein, healthy fat, and fiber of your pancakes whether they’re made from wheat, buckwheat, or almond flour.


Chocolate chip cookies are one of the best options. The walnuts help to complement the sweetness of the chocolate. Walnuts are an alternative to other options including almonds, cashews, and pistachios. They provide a rich/hearty flavor.

Coffee cake 

There are several variants of traditional breakfast food. Walnuts add more texture/crunch to the classic cake that’s often paired with a cup of coffee. You can add walnuts for nutrients like healthy fats, vitamins/minerals, and fiber from organic walnuts.

Best Brands Of Organic Walnut

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