Vega Protein and Greens Powder: A General Overview

This product from Vega is a green shake that is plant-based and rich in protein. It is developed to serve as a substitute for your protein shake routine in the afternoon and the morning and can provide the needed nutrients commonly obtained from leafy greens and veggies. One of its major selling points is that it can provide a staggering amount of proteins per serving (20 grams).

This shake can be enjoyed with other healthy food items such as non-dairy beverages, rice milk, almond milk, and water. Another advantage for this product is that it comes in different flavors such as tropical, berry, chocolate, and vanilla which means it can be added to any preferred beverage, shake, or smoothies. In this article, we look at some of the reviews and comments about Vega Proteins and Greens Powder. Read on to find out more!

Ingredients of Vega Protein and Greens Powder Reviews

Just like other green mix products, one needs to ensure that their chosen variant utilizes ingredients that are whole food and all-natural. Individuals also need to make sure that the product can replace some of the individual’s daily recommended consumption of veggies and fruits. The good news is that Vega Protein and Greens Powder can provide the said nutritional requirements since its components are made up of whole foods and ingredients that are natural.

Below are some of the specific ingredients of Vega Protein and Greens Powder:

  • Organic Kale Powder: Essential source of C and A vitamins
  • Papain Powder: Papain can be obtained from the papaya fruit and is needed for the breakdown of tough protein powders.
  • Stevia leaf Extract: This is a sweetener that is plant-based which provides this shake and product that amazing flavor even on its own
  • Broccoli Powder: ideal for improved digestive functions
  • Spinach Powder: Amazing source of vitamins K, A, and C, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, folic acid, fiber, and protein.
  • Sacha Inchi Protein– Provides significant levels of fiber, hair, and skin, vitamin E protein.
  • Hemp protein- Contains high levels of essential fatty acids and amino acids
  • Brown Rice Protein– Good for digestion due to increased fiber content.
  • Pea Starch- Contains increased amounts of B vitamins, vitamin K, E, and A, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, chlorophyll, and micronutrients.
  • Pea Protein- To help in blood sugar regulation, heart health, and comfort for the muscles after working out. 

Vega Protein and Greens Powder Reviews Different Factors to Look Out for

Below are some of the factors to consider before determining if Vega Protein and Greens Powder are perfect for the individual’s needs:

The Brand

Vega is a brand that has been for more than ten (10) years and athletes and other individuals have been using the products for a significant number of years. The brand caters mostly to the needs of vegetarians and vegans especially in terms of their unique nutritional and health needs. Vega claims to be able to support muscle growth and recovery while ensuring that the individuals feel full and help them get through their routines daily.


As stated earlier, there are several different variants that people can go for, and based on user reviews, most individuals prefer the taste of this specific product compared to other variants. The taste can be described as accurate and robust. All in all, the taste is pretty good though the inclusion of Stevia as a sweetener means it can have a bad aftertaste for other individuals. It also has a general better mouthfeel since it easily combines and mixes well with other ingredients.

Available flavors

This powder product comes in six (6) different flavors and compared to other brands, is quite a significant amount. These different flavors also ensure that people don’t easily get tired of their choices or options and with some added ingredients, it can aid individuals in meeting their goals for protein intake without any issues. While people can simply go for the natural flavor, there are also other unique flavors such as tropical and berry which are both well-loved by users and the general customer base of Vega.


The product also has varying consistencies that are dependent on what is being added or mixed into it. Some reviewers pointed out that if mixed with just plain water, the product can have chalk and gritty feeling in the mouth when taken in. This seems to not be the case, though, when the powder is mixed with other ingredients such as meals and almond milk. It thickens easily and is smooth which in turn results in a consistency that is very similar to standard shakes.


In several positive ways, this product is pretty effective. It has the needed protein to address the daily requirement of the body in terms of protein. It is also filled with Greens and Veggies. These ingredients all contribute to the individual’s convenience since all of these components can be difficult to consume on a regular diet without any added supplements.


The protein from this product is obtained from a different number of source items. It has protein in the amount of twenty grams per serving. For plant-based proteins, this is considered average. Whey protein contains high levels of protein compared to other vegan options but some individuals simply cannot have whey in their diet. This product is tasty and vegan-friendly and can help individuals achieve their health targets when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is especially true for people who do gym workouts regularly and need that added protein for their intense workouts or exercise routines. This can aid in muscle recovery and speed up muscle development.

Bottom Line

Vega Protein and Greens Powder is a great product for people who want to meet their daily protein goals met and to supplement their healthy diet with green powders. It offers a healthy and flavorful supplement that customers approve of and generally like.

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