The highly-nutritious and delicious avocado now has an avocado hugger to pair with. But what is it? First, let’s reacquaint with the very good for you fruit. The avocado found its route to the USA through Mexico, the previous 19th century. Ninety-five percent of production concerning avocados within the USA is found in Southern California, which is from this point that the absolute most distinguished avocado variety originates. Given the name after the Californian mailman that owned the very first avocado tree, Hass avocado is considered the most well-known avocado today.

Avocados are certainly not a veggie type. It is a fruit from the laurel family, together with its cousins by the name of cinnamon, camphor, and bay. Its rich fat content may have received its title “butter fruit”, however, you should not abstain from these wonderful fruits. Fats, as an essential part of avocados, are generally unsaturated, and consequently, this makes avocados very healthy. This fruit is very good news for anybody with a high cholesterol level. These do not contain the slightest cholesterol trace. And when eaten completely ripe, your avocados can make it possible to reduce levels of cholesterol. Avocados supply loads of essential vitamins, such as, for example, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, as well as vitamin E. More so, they are high in iron, calcium, and potassium. Hence, there is simply a very valid reason to indulge in avocado without delay. Your own body is going to thank you for this. Now onto the avocado hugger! Keep reading.

The Awesome Avocado Hugger

Soft and creamy, avocados are an uncommon smashup of decadent deliciousness as well as a super-nutritious superfood. Yum! And yet everyone may agree, regardless of most of the antioxidants and goodness, avocados have a downside. It is the fruit’s limited lifespan as soon as it gets cut open. At their best, open avocados survive one day wrapped with plastic, in just a small brown layer which can be scraped away, but any more then it gets mushy and rots.

Freshness may be maintained for several days more than plastic wrapper or the standard food storage box can simply by creating a specialized seal that is completely airtight just over the avocado. Thanks to a flexible silicone made with avocado hugger, it “hugs” your favorite fruit snug, not to mention, saves this green nutrition from dehydrating.

One avocado slice on a taco spread on toast or spoonful in your smoothie, only a little avocado goes quite the distance. Moreover, it may be difficult to use a complete avocado as part of just one meal. Maintain the other half intact and fresh with this specific form-fitting cup made of silicone with the help of an awesome avocado hugger. These reusable avocado huggers make sure that you’re ready to preserve this favorite fresh fruit of yours for longer than you intended. Rather excellent huh! 

To make use of, simply tuck its narrow end in the avocado to the hugger. Next, pull this upward over the back until the exposed region gets covered. This pair of two features one small plus one big avocado hugger. An amazing fit for guaranteed freshness. Silicone huggers are amazingly BPA as well as phthalate-free, freezer, dishwasher, to microwave-safe.


✔️ Always keeping the pit inside keeps the avocado much fresher for long! 

✔️ Always keep cut avocados covered from oxidation

✔️ Extend freshness for several days, not hours

✔️ manufactured from dishwasher-safe and flexible silicone

Most designs are pit pocket size and maybe pressed in/out dependent on whether half you will be saving includes a pit. 

Other Avocado Tips 


It is possible to store avocado, which is not ripe just yet at regular room temperature. This can speed its ripening process. The moment it becomes ripe, stick it inside your fridge. It will probably stay fresh for as much as 12 days.

Take one avocado out from the fridge about 60 minutes before you need to consume it. It’ll be easier to set up. Not wanting to make use of the whole avocado right then? Leave the other half then drizzle this half using some lemon juice. It may prevent unpleasant brown spots, preventing it from spoiling too rapidly. Cover your avocado half using cling film, then place it back into the fridge. Be sure you make use of it without way too much delay.

Whoever has ever gotten and eaten avocado could have at some point, wondered about simple tips to determine if it is fresh, ripe. There’s no solitary reply to this, given that it all hangs from the variety. As an example, Hass avocados. If you opt to buy the Hass avocado, bear in mind that given how avocado ripens, the color can change from green towards black. Ripe fruit can give slightly in whenever gently pressed. If the avocado will be wrinkled, it has become overripe already.

📌 Another tip: do not buy Hass avocado, which certainly has already turned black, since you haven’t got any means to learn just how long it carried this particular color. Likely, this is already overripe.

Avocado Seeds Anatomy: Healthy Nutrients

Avocado seeds typically get little if any attention typically because many people do not recognize that, nutritionally, they usually have a great deal to supply and they could easily be placed to ideal culinary use. Below are some great options to do with them:

  1. Grate only little avocado seeds directly into salads, smoothies, or granola. Their abundant nutrients, vitamins to antioxidants help raise your immune protection system to better levels.
  2. Grate their seed, then add hot water, which will make a very good tea, which could very well assist in shedding fat as well. The particular seed’s active components as well as amino acids tend to be thought to stimulate metabolism.
  3. Would you like to give your skin or your hair a lift? Stir powdered avocado seeds inside the water to make a paste. Apply this avocado seed paste right to your skin, or mix this alongside coconut oil to help make hair conditioner.

There are numerous great techniques for enjoying this yummy and versatile fruit: whether raw, as a component to make a great salad, as an enjoyable dip, or perhaps, delicious smoothie. Avocados bring good results for sauces, too. The high-fat contents indicate they bring a smooth as well as buttery sauce, enabling you to disregard unhealthy creams, etc. They become a remarkably delectable addition for dessert dishes also. Once coupled with lime, avocados put together a tempting cheesecake.

Now you know more delicious facts about avocados, not to mention its must-companion, the avocado hugger, making your avocado-eating days better than ever.

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