Just about everyone is tired after a long day of work. Sometimes, you’re even too tired to eat or have a shower for the night. That’s how tired we all get. And a good night’s rest is all we need. It might not be that easy to fall asleep especially if you have insomnia. So what’s the way out to have a good night rest without having to stress it out so much? Well, one way is good sleep tea. Today we will take a quick look at Yogi sleep tea. This tea claims to help support having a good night’s rest. We will find out just how true this is as we go on. 

There are quite a few things we will be looking at here. We will be looking at what this product can offer. This includes the benefits of the product. Also, we will take a look at some of the ingredients that make up this product. With this, you would know whether this is safe for consumption or not. Then we will have a look at what sets it apart. You sure don’t want to miss out on all these so keep reading. 

The Brand

The Yogi brand started about 30 years ago. And they started with making a herbal tea that contained cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, and black pepper. The product was an inspiration from the philosophy of Ayurveda. This is believed to be one of the oldest systems practiced in traditional medicine. The whole idea of Ayurveda is providing wellness to both the spirit and the mind and creating a balance between the two. Anyway, since then they have dedicated themselves to making different teas. As of now, they have over 40 different tea blends that come from about 140 exotic spices and botanicals gotten from all around the world. 

Their aim at Yogi is to provide customers with delicious and high-quality teas. So their teas come with a nice taste as well as health benefits. Their principle is to ‘feel good, be good, and do good’. 

This particular product is known to be a delicious tea that provides comfort when taken. It is known to combine chamomile flowers with passionflower and some other ingredients to give you that relaxing feeling. The flavor of this tea is quite warm which makes it good for bedtime. The tea is well-packaged in a bag. And all you have to do is steep the tea in hot water for about 7 minutes and then allow it to cool. If you want the tea to be stronger you can opt for 2 bags. 

Is Yogi Sleep Tea Tasty?

This tea has been identified by customers to be very delicious. So you wouldn’t have a problem drinking this at night after a very stressful day. 

There are different ingredients used in this tea. One major ingredient that we will talk briefly about is the passionflower extract. The passionflower plant is a tropical one. It is native to the Americas. In traditional medicine, the passionflower has always been used for relaxation. The leaves help out with soothing stress, relaxing, and even supporting sleep. 

Other ingredients in this tea are licorice root, chamomile flower, cardamom seed, St. John’s wort leaf, natural flavors, lavender flower, valerian root extract, spearmint leaf, skullcap leaf, cinnamon bark, rosehip, raspberry leaf. There are no added flavors and sweeteners for this product. At the same time, it doesn’t contain gluten and caffeine

Why Yogi Sleep Tea Is Better Than Competitors

This product is known to have a nice scent. The scent helps you relax as well. Also, the tea is very effective. Many people have effortlessly fallen asleep after drinking this tea. That’s how good the tea is. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Organic ingredients: This herbal tea is made using organic ingredients. And the organic ingredients and pure and well-sourced for. This makes this product completely safe for you to consume. It’s non-GMO as well which indicates that this product is very healthy for consumption. Also, there are no chemicals and additives in this product. So you have nothing to worry about with regards to its safety. 
  • Helps support sleep: One of the main uses of this tea is to help support sleep. It helps you fall asleep faster. And gives you a better night’s rest. You would wake up feeling refreshed the next morning. Many people that have tried this out can testify to this. 
  • Good for relaxation: So just in case you don’t want to sleep and you just want to relax this is also a good tea for you. It helps you relax and eases your stress. This would be a good tea to sip in the evening while relaxing in your backyard. 
  • Great taste: The taste is undoubtedly one of the reasons why customers love this product. The taste is nice and unique. You would enjoy every sip you take of this tea. That’s how good the taste is. And then the nice scent just caps it all up. You’re sure for a treat when taking this tea. 

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

This comes at $23.04. For a product in its category, this is a fair price. It’s affordable. Many customers don’t have a problem with its price. 

Company Information

They are located at 1325 Westec Drive, Eugene, OR 97204. Their contact number is 1-800-964-4832. Their official website is www.yogiproducts.com. There you can find out a lot more about their products. 

Warranty Info or Guarantee, if applicable

Yogi products do not offer warranties. To find out more about this you can check out their official page. 

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • This tea has become part of my nightly routine
  • Best bedtime tea blend I’ve ever tried
  • Perfect to drink before going to bed
  • Very nice flavor and full of wonderful ingredients
  • This is such good and soothing tea

Negative Reviews

  • Changed the recipe 🙁
  • This is NOT the spicy sweet Yogi bedtime.
  • Not the Original
  • Better but more expensive tea.

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