Vega protein bar is a plant-based high-protein snack bar. It’s vegan so it contains no animal products. The Vega bars are also non-GMO verified so they have no artificial colors, flavors, and ingredients. This is another key feature. You can get flavors like salted caramel and chocolate/peanut butter.

The Brand

Protein bars and snack bars, in general, are big business. This provides many offerings when you’re in the market for such products. There are many niche markets including organic and vegan products. These products are more common now since more people are looking for such products when buying snack bars.

Vega was founded nearly two decades ago in 2001. So it’s one of the well-established makers of protein bars. This is important when picking a company since it’s a good idea to avoid startup companies. They have less experience, which often results in lower-quality products and bad customer service.

This Vega protein bar includes salted caramel. You can also find the protein bars in the chocolate/peanut butter flavor.

Is It Tasty

Some people didn’t like the taste/texture. However, the Vega protein bars have received an average of 4.5/5 stars from about 200 reviews. This means that most people have had a positive experience with the product. You might have a similar experience from Vega protein bars.

A. Ingredients

You get protein from pea, rice, and nuts. These are plant-based ingredients that can provide high-protein ingredients. You can also get other healthy ingredients like salt, peanut butter, and chocolate. These are healthy ingredients and you get non-GMO versions. This is important for good health.

If you’re on the vegan diet then it’s important to avoid all animal products. That includes meat, eggs, and dairy. It’s one of the main features of this product since all ingredients are plant-based. This is a plus over other products on the market.

Why This Version Is Better Than Competitors

One of the main benefits of Vega protein bar is it’s a vegan protein bar. These can be tougher to find since many products include animal products including dairy. However, vegan people are required to avoid all animal products including meat, eggs, and dairy. That makes this product a good option.

It’s also non-GMO verified. This helps to guarantee you aren’t getting any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These ingredients have received mixed results from studies. However, in general, you should avoid them since there are some question marks about the long-term effects. As a result, it’s better to go with non-GMO snack bars.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Brand

Vega protein bars are made by a company almost 20 years old. The company was founded in 2001 so it’s been on the market for nearly two decades. This provides better value than many other products on the market.

2. Vegan

This product is a certified vegan. So it meets industry standards in terms of having no animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy. If you’re on the vegan diet then you’ll want to avoid all animal products. Vega protein bar is plant-based so it contains no animal products.

3. Non-GMO Verified

These portion bars are also verified non-GMO. So there are no artificial colors, flavors/sweeteners, and preservatives, for example. This is important because there are mixed results from studies on GMOs. It’s better to avoid them since the long-term effects, in particular, are unknown and more research is required.

4. Flavors

You get different flavors like chocolate/peanut butter and salted caramel. These are popular flavors and the ingredients are natural so you won’t have to worry about artificial ingredients. This adds more nutritional value to the products.

5. Bundle

You get a 12-pack bundle in this product so you won’t have to purchase several items separately, which can have a higher price tag. You can save money by purchasing a 12-pack bundle.

6. Gluten-free

If you’re looking for wheat-free products then this is a good option. It doesn’t contain any gluten grains like wheat, barley, and rye. This is a plus in case you have health conditions like wheat allergy or celiac disease.

What Is The Price?

The price is about $27 for $12. This works out to about $2.25 per bar. The price is somewhat high for a snack bar. However, it’s worth noting that you’re also getting a vegan protein bar. These are usually more expensive than standard protein bars.

The product is also non-GMO. This is another reason the price is higher since there are no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. This feature can be more difficult to find when purchasing protein bars. Many products on the market contain artificial ingredients that are added to the products. They can help to add flavor, color, etc. but also decrease the overall nutritional value. That’s a situation you’ll likely want to avoid.  

Company Information

  • Company Address: 101 – 3001 Wayburne Drive, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 4W3
  • Phone Number: 1 (866) 839-8863
  • Website:

B. Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

This product is covered by Amazon’s in-house warranty. Make sure to read the details so you’ll know what it does and doesn’t cover.

Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

  • Healthy snack bar
  • 20g protein
  • Available in several flavors
  • High-fiber
  • Certified vegan

B. 5 Negative Reviews

  • High price tag
  • Some people don’t like the taste
  • Might be expired
  • The texture could be like cardboard
  • Might cause stomach aches

Where To Buy

Vega was founded in 2001, so it’s been on the market for nearly two decades. This makes it easier to find in supermarkets, health stores, organic stores, and so on. Make sure to call a particular store first to find out whether or not they carry this product. If not you can call other stores to find out if it’s sold there.

You can also find Vega protein bars online. That includes the company’s homepage and online retailers like Amazon. It offers more convenience since you won’t have to go to a brick & mortar store.

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