When it comes to brands, the idea is always bringing out new products from time to time. They have to meet the needs of their customers, and this would come with making new products available. The reason for this is so that they stay relevant in the market. A brand that doesn’t make new products would tend to become irrelevant as time goes by. Well, one brand that has decided to stay relevant is the Happy Family brand. About 2 years ago, they launched the Happy baby yogurt. So now they make organic yogurt for kids. We will be looking at what their products are about and what they have to offer. 

One thing that caught the attention of many parents when it was released, is the fact that the milk is organic. Also, there are no added sweeteners in this product, which makes it unique. There is a lot more about their new yogurt for kids that you have to find out. Well, the only way to find out is to keep scrolling. So let’s talk briefly about this brand and the Happy baby yogurt.  

Happy Family Brand 

This brand started in 2006. It was interestingly launched on mother’s day that year. It is known to be one of the biggest food brands that are organic. It provides a wide range of foods for babies, kids, and even their mothers. They are known to provide organic products that help support the growth of the child and improve the health of the mother. 

One good thing about this brand is that they are constantly innovating. They put in their best to be able to provide families with the right nutrients at different phases in life. 

When they started, they had just 5 SKUs in 5 stores but now the over 100 SKUs which are in stores nationally. And because of this, they have earned their place as one of the fast-rising companies that make baby food. 

Organic Yogurt For Kids 

In 2018, they launched a whole milk yogurt line, Happy Baby®, and Happy Tot ®. They are designed for babies from the age of 6 months to 3 years of age. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things about this organic yogurt. 

As mentioned before, there are no added sweeteners. It is made using whole milk, probiotics, and vitamin D. The reason for the start of the product is because they realized the gut health starts at about 1,000 days after birth. So the baby must be provided with whole milk and probiotics that are good for gut health. This way your baby would have the best nutrients available to the body from the early stages of life. 

Many babies can start taking solid foods from 6 months of age. And pediatricians recommend yogurt as the first food that would complement breast milk. The good thing about yogurt from the Happy family brand is that it contains probiotics. That way the belly would be filled with good bacteria and with that, there would be proper absorption of necessary nutrients. 

Since there are no added sweeteners is this yogurt tasty? The answer to this is yes. This whole milk yogurt is known to be sweetened by natural products such as veggie purees and fruits. This makes it healthy and safe for consumption. 

One other good thing is that it contains calcium and vitamin D. You may not know but vitamin D isn’t found in many food sources since its main source is sunlight. The good thing is that your child gets vitamin D from the yogurt. Vitamin D has been identified to help improve the absorption of the mineral calcium. And calcium is a need in the body for bones. With calcium, there will be proper bone growth and bone maintenance. This would improve the growth of your baby. 

Also, the yogurt is packed in pouches that make it very easy for a child to enjoy. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself in giving your child the yogurt. The pouch makes everything a whole lot simpler. And also things wouldn’t get so messy with the pouch. So you wouldn’t have to do so much cleaning up after giving your child one yogurt pouch. 

Organic Yogurt Flavors 

There are quite a few flavors that your child can opt for. let’s take a look at them. 

  • Apple and blackberry: If your child loves either of these fruits this would be a good option for you. It’s a good blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And this would help protect your child from certain conditions and boost the immune system
  • Strawberry, banana, oats, and chia: This is a good blend of nutritious fruits as well as fiber. So apart from the nutrients, your child would get a bit of fiber from this one right here. 
  • Banana, mango, and spinach: Right here is a blend of fruits and veggies. This is a good one if your child loves either mango or banana. You can also be sure that this flavor is fully loaded with vitamins and minerals which will help boost the immune system of your child. 

These are the available flavors as of now. Maybe they would introduce some other flavors later on. Just know that whatever flavor you opt for is a good option. This whole milk yogurt is nutritious and beneficial for your child. Many people that have tried it out love the product. So your child would most likely like this yummy whole milk yogurt. You can get the product from their site if you are interested. These are quite affordable, and you wouldn’t have to break a bank just to get them for your child. 

Well, that’s about it for happy baby yogurt. You can also check out their page for many other products that they offer their customers. There are a lot of products that would be good for both you and your baby. There’s a chance that you wouldn’t want to leave the page once you start taking a look at their products. So give it a shot. 

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