Oysters are a family of mollusks that have several kinds that can be eaten and is quite expensive. But, you can some opt to go with canned smoked oysters as an alternative. But are they safe and healthy to eat? Read on!

Oysters are versatile when it comes to kitchen cooking uses, and it can be prepared as a main meal, dessert, and even side dishes. Who would have thought oysters could be made as a pie? Yes, there is such a thing as oyster pie. And because it is hard to prepare it fresh every day, canned smoked oysters are here to the rescue. We will find out more if it’s safe for consumption, its potential health benefits, and risks as well as tips on how canned smoke oysters should be handled.

Canned Smoked Oysters: Are They Safe To Eat?

Before we go any further in this read, we must clarify that according to health experts and professionals, canned oysters are safe and can be eaten without any worries of being poisoned. Oysters are generally expensive, that’s why others do canned ones to still get the nutritious and tasty oysters on the go. You will also be surprised to know that the canned and the fresh ones are not so different when it comes to nutritional value and minerals. Canned oysters are rich in Vitamins B and K, which are absent in fresh oysters.

One thing that you should also expect is that canned smoked oysters are also high in sodium because this is where the preservative comes from. Oysters are naturally high in sodium, and when it’s canned, it will contain more sodium content than the regular fresh ones. Smoked oysters are delicious and rich in flavor, but it is also preserved using oil, so this means that if you are doing weight loss, this is not recommended for you.

If there are no other options and fresh oysters are out of the picture, you can opt for the natural or smoked ones so that you can still satisfy your oyster craving. Of course, never forget that these canned oysters are diluted in preservatives, so eat it in moderation.

Potential Health Benefits and Risks

Even though canned smoked oysters are not the fresh ones we can get at a higher price, food experts say that there are health benefits that you can get from eating it in moderation. We will lay out some of these here for you. 

  • Fights Stress. Oysters are rich in antioxidant properties, and with adequate and prescribed consumption of oysters, atherosclerosis, inflammation, heart disease, and cancer risks could be lowered down.
  • Boost Male Libido. According to studies, Vitamin C and Zinc, which are mostly present in oyster content, are one of the main reasons for the increase of libido in males. Zinc is also important for the care of most of the organs in your body. 
  • Weight Loss Claims. Since it has high protein levels, it could also increase the metabolic rate of the body. This is perfect for those who are overweight or obese.
  • Boost Immunity. This is due to the polyunsaturated fats found in oysters. These will also serve as antioxidants. 
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels. Oyster is rich in healthy fatty acids which keeps the heart-healthy. It will also produce a lysine amino acid, which is needed for lowering down cholesterol content.
  • Prevents Anemia. Oysters are rich in iron, which could boost blood levels. It is also responsible for carrying out the oxygen brought by the red blood cells. 

According to research, canned smoked oysters cannot pose foodborne infections, but since it is preserved, it can contain high amounts of zinc, which could be bad for the health. Make sure that you eat in portions and controlled amounts, as anything too much is bad for you. 

Nutrition Facts

In a canned smoked oyster for at least 6 pcs of serving, here are nutritional facts you can get:

  • 5.9 grams Protein Content
  • 57.1 Calories
  • 2.1 grams Fat
  • 3.3 grams Carbs
  • 565 mg of Fatty Acids
  • 509% Zinc
  • 10% Magnesium
  • 187% Copper
  • 11% Phosphorus
  • 272% Vitamin B12
  • 76% Selenium
  • 31% Iron

Tips for Canned Smoke Oysters

In this portion, we will offer tips on how to preserve its freshness and maximize its storage advantages. 

Tip 1: Store smoked canned oysters in a dry and cool place to maximize its shelf life. 

Tip 2: In-room temperature, canned oysters may last for at least 2-4 years. Any longer than that will be unsafe to eat. 

Tip 3: Smell and observe the can to tell if a canned oyster is spoiled or bad. If there is an off odor and if molds are apparent, dispose of it immediately.

Tip 4: For cans that are severely dented, leaking, bulging, or rusted, discard it as it may be unsafe for consumption. 

You can consider that canned smoked oysters are full of healthy minerals and fats, but that does not mean that you can eat it in large amounts and quantities. Remember that since it is preserved, it could contain high levels of salt that may be bad for you. DO not overindulge and eat adequate amounts only. Eat only in moderation so that you will be marked safe from any unwanted side effects.

Benefits of canned smoked oyster

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