The importance of skin care cannot be over-emphasized. In the past, people made do with what they could find to take care of their skin, but times are changing, and the world is getting more innovative. Currently, there are thousands of skincare products designed to meet specific skin needs and take care of specific skin types. In this article, we will be reviewing one of such products which goy the name kiss my face moisturizer. 

About The Brand

Kiss my face moisturizer came into existence over thirty-five years ago. It was created as an innovative personal skincare product concerning the health of the planet. The manufactures made sure the ingredients used were 100% cruelty-free right from the beginning, and even today, when this moisturizer has gained popularity, the same standards are still being upheld. Their products’ work is just as effective as unnatural products. The brand claims its product to be preferred, over other non-natural and natural chemical products during third party testing. This company’s products are made with mineral oils, lanolin, carmine, nanoparticles, or petroleum. It is also PH balanced and SLS free.

The unique and balanced formula of kiss my face lotions is filled with essential oils, and botanicals that hydrates and soothe your face, hands, and body. You can apply it after having your bath or at any other convenient time. Relax and allow the extracts and sensational scents to nourish not just your skin but your soul and senses. 

Is It Effective?

There are two powerful ingredients believed to be the source of the prowess of kissing my face moisturizer. These ingredients are aloe and olive oil, both of which work perfectly together to soothe and moisturize the skin. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals, a potent cocktail nourisher for your skin. Olive oil, on the other hand, is known to possess antioxidant properties. The formula for this moisturizer is cruelty-free vegan, phthalate-free, and paraben-free too.

Directions on how to use: Apply this moisturizer liberally during the day time or the night for beautiful and radiant skin. This moisturizer can be used all through your body.  

Why This Version Is Better Than Competitors

This particular moisturizer is cruelty and vegan free. It is formulated with a rich blend of nourishing antioxidants such as aloe and olive oil. Lastly, it is phthalate and paraben-free. 

What Are The Benefits?

Healing Aloe and emollients dense olive oil are the perfect combinations for healthy and beautiful skin. The manufactures have specially formulated this superb fragrance-free moisturizer to accommodate sensitive skin types. You can also use this underneath your makeup.

With this cream, rest assured that your skin is provided with one of the best treatments in vogue. Along with the other mentioned benefits, this cream is good for the reduction of aging spots and skin exfoliation. It also moisturizes the skin and keeps it shiny. Here are the different scents of kiss my face moisturizer in the market. Knowing them will guide you in making a choice.

  • Aloe and olive moisturizer – This scent also contains sunflower oil, shea, and oat for those with sensitive skin types. It is a good basic lotion with soothing Aloe and olive oil.
  • Pomegranate acai – Acai berry is a superfood for the skin. It has a rich supply of vitamins C, E, B, and Omegas. Pomegranate also helps in regenerating cells from strong antioxidants.
  • Honey Calendula – This is a special blend for people with dry skin types. Honey is known to attract skin moisture and then the combined Calendula flower is present to hydrate even the driest of skins. It also contains extract from orange flower and oil from grape seed to soften the skin even more.
  • Vitamin A&E – Nourishes and softens your skin with its vitamins. It also has healing properties and reduces skin imperfections.
  • Coconut moisturizer – This will nourish and protect your skin, giving it a silky and smooth texture and a touch of the tropics.
  • Peaceful patchouli – Here is a moisturizer that is good at softening even chapped skin. An ability possible because it extracted oil from hemp seed. Exotic peaceful patchouli gives you an earthy experience.
  • Lavender shea – This moisturizer calms, hydrates, balances, and relaxes wild shea butter, lavender oil, sunflower oil, and apricot for bonus moisture.
  • Peaches and cream – It is good for improving ashy and dull skin with its sugar cane and fruit acids content. It reduces the appearance of age spots and exfoliates the skin. It contains bilberry fruit for lightening skin pigmentation naturally. 

In most cases, there are reported side effects from the use of this moisturizer. But if you experience stinging, burning, irritation or redness, discontinue use and see a doctor. Allergic reactions are rare, but we can not rule them out completely. These allergic reactions may include itching, rash trouble breathing, and severe dizziness. If you notice anything abnormal that was not listed here, please do consult your pharmacist or a doctor.

First-timers are usually advised to perform a skin test to see if the product is compatible with your skin. As much as this moisturizer can accommodate sensitive skins, your case may be different, so it’s best to try it out first before using it on your entire skin. 

What Is The Price?

This brand is more affordable than others of its kind. At most you would only spend a few dollars more.

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

Excellent moisturizer, especially for the add-on item price! I’m from Colorado and feel like I’m forever plagued with dry skin even if I’m not up in the dry mountains. This lotion is not only soothing but has never given my skin that immediate moisturization to dryer-than-the-desert transition I would sometimes experience from popular cosmetics aisle products (Aveeno…) I was willing to give up some of the cleansing effects of my old lotion for safer ingredients (see the review of this product on the Environmental Working Group website), but with Kiss My Face I didn’t have to compromise the safety of my skin for hydrated skin. Plus the price is right!

I am very happy with this lotion, it is fragrance-free, goes on nicely, and feels like it soaks in–in a good way. I have kind of sensitive skin and this does not irritate it. There is no smell. The consistency is decent quality. I have it at my desk at work, so I can put it on when I arrive in the morning because I was rushed getting out of the house–plus offices can seem very dry, so I like having something I can put on at work, f needed. It was a good price and I would recommend it.

I purchased this as an interim moisturizer until I received all of the ingredients I need to make my own. It has worked fantastic so far. We use it on our face and body, and don’t seem to cause any breakouts. The scent is very mild and is easy on sensitive skin. If you can’t make your own, it is a more natural lotion that you can feel comfortable with applying to your body’s largest organ (skin).

I can’t use scented products and I’m used to the smell of “unscented”. However, I’ve been told it smells a little “off”. Yet, it feels great on this kin and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin so I’ll take a non-chemical smell.

w, this stuff is so silky smooth and there’s no weird residue feeling at all. The smell is amazing! I’m skin sensitive and I was worried it wouldn’t agree with me but no problems here. I’ll buy more than this runs out….love it!

5 negative reviews

The product feels too thick, dried out.

I usually love to Kiss my Face lotion. I’ll probably throw it out. Maybe it’s just mine. Maybe expired, I haven’t looked.

I did not care for this moisturizer. I have dry skin and this cream did not work at all for me

I used this once on my hands. Within a minute I developed redness and itching around the knuckles of my hands. It lasted hours. Now two days later my hands are still red in the knuckles area and now have dry, scaly patches there — that were not there before. I threw the bottle in the garbage. Total waste of money for me. Very disappointed.

The original company that made this product was sold. This is NOT the same product that was created. Huge, huge disappointment. The original product made by the two guys was the best natural product on the market. No longer – now it has different ingredients.

Bottle arrived with this gross brown scum on it. Also, the seal was broken. It looks like it had been used. I am sending this back.

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