Alba face wash is one among many face wash that is sweeping through the market today. If you are trying to take care of your face, that does not mean you should just purchase any facial product. There are more bad ones than genuine, reliable products out there. Reading reviews of products just like this will help guard your decision making and gives you an idea of what you are getting yourself in. 

About The Brand

The Alba botanica brand, founded in 1979, has a simple mission. Their simple mission is to create products to nourish the soul, skin, and hair. Their product evolves alongside with a good knowledge of ingredients, trends, and health beauty trends. 

Alba releases a new product every year and claims dedication in making a hundred percent vegetarian product that is high quality and overflows with several botanical ingredients.

The brand states that their goal is to make women look and feel beautiful from inside and out. Their vision also entails keeping the earth happy and healthy. Alba tries to reduce the footprint humans make on the environment as much as they can. They are a cruelty-free brand, so never do they test their products on animals. 

Is It Effective?

The ingredients used in making Alba face wash include certified organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, purified water, and certified organic health. You are to use this facial wash during the morning and at night time. 

Why This Version Is Better Than Competitors

Alba face wash has won the heart of quite a considerable number of people because of its natural feel and sweet fragrance. 

What Are The Benefits?

Here are some of the ways Alba makes a skincare product: 

1. Clears facial build-up

Your face is exposed to dust, sweat, pollution, and several things daily. Imagine how your skin will be after eight to nine hours spent outside. So you must use a facial wash to remove the oil, pollutants, and dirt. Water can not do this job alone. And if you are a consistent makeup user, it is even more essential that you get rid of those chemicals on your face. Alba Face wash will keep your skin looking clean, simple, supple, and fresh.

2. Helps in skin exfoliation

You may not know this, but face wash does beyond cleaning and removing dirt and oil from the skin, they sweep away dead and dry skin cells that reveal a fresh skin layer. With Alba facial, your face may get on that natural glow and become smooth once more.

3. Skin hydration

Although your skin has a mechanism to keep it hydrated, proper and regular cleaning up of the skin helps maintain the PH level of the skin, leaving it looking younger, supple, and soft. Facial wash helps in removing the dead cells of the skin and keeping the skin moisturized. Your skin needs to stay hydrated to keep on looking fresh.

4. Stimulates circulation of blood

Massaging and washing your face helps in boosting the flow of facial blood, and makes your skin glow brighter. It is also therapeutic and relaxing, so a great way to start your day is by massaging your face with a good wash. With Alba, you can massage your face, and even enjoy it while you are at it.

5. Youthful skin

When old and dead skin cells are removed, new cells take their place, and this makes your skin able to hold moisture more and also keeps it looking younger and fresher. Aging is inevitable. It is a natural process of nature that everyone has to go through as they age. Some people believe aging starts at the age of thirty and is believable. From age thirty, you might begin noticing some signs on your face like wrinkles and fine lines. But you can delay this from happening by using the right products and lifestyle. Some of the aging signs you see can be handled, with a simple act as consistent washing of the face.

6. Helps penetration

Many people are guilty of using lotions and creams on their dirty faces, and this hinders the effectiveness of the product. Applying creams and lotion on a clean face helps the product work properly. 

Your skin repairs at night, and in the process, remove dead cells of the skin. So remember to clean up your face in the morning. 

Cleansing also helps your skin look radiant and healthy. It also helps maintain the pores at the proper size. It prevents the production of excess oil in the skin and permits hydration.

Alba face washes are known to prevent breakouts and acne. They fight oil, dirt, and the residues that clog the pores, which leaves your skin smooth and clear with no irritation. However, there is not enough information on the skin type it favors, so you might want to do a test trial before using it on your entire face, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

What Is The Price? 

Alba face wash is available in both offline and online stores at affordable prices. 

Company Information

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Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

Smells great and detoxes my skin. I did break out a little when I started using it, but that was just the junk coming out of my pores! After using it regularly, my skin cleared up and stayed clear. I do have very sensitive skin, and this works great for me!

I love this soap so much since I usually use it during wintertime. it doesn’t strip the skin of oils for that “squeaky clean” feeling and it’s super gentle. also, there’s a gentle scent of mint and a gentle tingle which I love. sometimes I let the soap sit on my face for a minute or so because it’s so moisturizing and gentle.

I love all Alba products! This smells super great and you don’t need a lot to wash your face. It is super soft as well. I will buy it again!

This is my go-to morning face wash. It’s very light and soft on the skin. I don’t need a deep cleanse in the mornings, just something light to get the oil from the night off. This product does just that.

Nice and gentle..even more so than Cera Vee or Cetaphil for my sensitive skin. I use this every morning and Alba’s Pineapple Enzyme cleanser (sudsy) for heavier duty cleansing at night.

5 negative reviews

Have not used the product yet but it arrives damaged and the pump it is jammed, there was product all over the inside of the envelope

I have been using this brand and type of face wash for years and I decided to purchase from Amazon for Convenience. The moment I opened the bottle I knew it was a scam. The smell was minty, the color of the wash was not correct, and the product busted out of the top of the pump. The seller filled this bottle with a different product. Can’t stand a LIAR.

I received this product shrink-wrapped. However, when opening the face wash I knew IMMEDIATELY this was a tampered product! What I received was not Alba. The consistency isn’t even close!

Unfortunately, I don’t know how great this product is, because the dispenser top will not open. Disappointed.

They didn’t cushion this well. I opened my package and got a sticky mess. A quarter of my product is all over the inside of the box.

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