Tea bags in shoes aren’t as funny business as it may sound. Because they take the stench away! Find out more here. 

You know the tea bag for its porous little sealed packet, commonly made up of tea leaves, that will be submerged in water for steeping which in turn makes an infusion. Initially used simply for tea, these are generally now made out of various other tisanes also. Tea bags had been invented in 1908 in America by a man named Thomas Sullivan.

Sullivan made tiny silk bags for tea samples for giving to his customers. A few of them believed that the bags needed to be placed directly into the teapot, much like metal infuser instead of being emptied. Subsequently, tea bags came to fruition, and through this odd but great accident.

What about tea? Tea had already been discovered during 2737 B.C. through the Chinese Emperor’s name of Shen-Ning. These tea leaves had accidentally blown into his boiling pot of water, thus, tea came to be. 

Moving forward, tea became cultivated, processed around 400 A.D. when demand grew. Today, China ranks as the premier producer for tea. Did you know? Black tea is known as “red tea” inside China. More so, Tieguanyin tea happens to be the most costly tea on earth. These very uncommon Chinese tea prices around $1,500/lb. 

Oolong tea has been named following the Buddhist deity by the name of Guan Yin. More or less 1.42 mil lbs of tea become enjoyed daily in the USA. Love your iced tea? Approximately 85% of tea taken in the USA happens to be iced tea. Iced tea had already been invented in the USA during 1904 through Richard Blechynden. By 2014, tea bags around the world at a high percentage of 77% are being brewed by Americans. Sounds, tea-riffic, huh? 

There’s more of what tea can do besides health benefits or settling your stomach to soothe Tea bags in shoes, how about it, and what is to know about when it comes to stopping the smell? Keep reading.

Tea Bags in Shoe Method

Have you been embarrassed to get rid of your footwear right in front of others? This bad smell originating from your shoes may be overwhelming, making you intend to throw these away at the earliest opportunity. 

Really, there’s no absolute necessity to blow cash on getting new shoes because there are numerous quick and easy techniques for getting rid of this undesirable odor! Seek out the real cause. Test thoroughly those shoes of yours that you use quite often just before you make an effort to remedy its particular smell. When you have broken insoles, either remove them or dry these out. The better thing to do would be to exchange the old insoles, to get a brand new pair, then everybody else near you would be quite relieved. But if there are tea bags to help, then why not? 

Follow these easy steps and get rid of stenches too easily for tea bags in shoes.

You will need the following items:

  • Baking soda
  • An empty tea bag
  • A funnel
  • Teaspoon
  • Stapler
  • Thumbtack
  • Acorn capsule (you may make use of a capsule-like Kinder’s chocolate egg)


  1. Make use of the funnel for filling your tea bag along with baking soda.
  2. To seal this tea bag, you must fold-over flap then stapler shut.
  3. Now place this tea bag within the acorn capsule (Kinder capsule works too).
  4. Utilize the thumbtack for poking some holes into the capsule so that it may absorb moisture as well as bad smells.
  5. Place the prepared capsule inside your footwear. Do not forget to refill these capsules using baking soda (preferably fresh) every couple of weeks.

Other alternative methods:

Position the tea bag in boiling H20 for several minutes. Take away the tea bag then allow it to cool for approximately five minutes before putting it into the shoe. Leave this within the shoe for one hour or more. 

Black tea bags consist of tannins that are very excellent when it comes to killing bacteria that are within the shoe. Odor removers include enzymes that devour away these odors away. A couple of sprays will likely make your very own shoes smell just like roses. Appropriate for leather as well as textile shoes.

Additional Simple DIY Methods

These modest deodorizers are very easy to make. That you will want to set up a complete toolbox of them all to battle stinky odors made just for your footwear favorites. Forget about smelly shoes lurking around, everybody else you know is going to follow your stench-fighting footwear tips from now on.

  1. Dry up your shoes by placing them close beside a heater or perhaps in a more sunny spot. By continuing to keep these dry, this will help alleviate problems concerning bacterial growth which causes stench.
  2. Freeze your shoes. Place your smelly shoes within a plastic-type bag, then place them into the freezer overnight. A basic understanding is that freezing your shoes eliminates stench-producing bacteria.
  3. Place the baking soda into the bad-smelling shoes. If the freezer trick did not work, place in a baking soda then allow the powder to absorb this odor overnight.
  4. Put fresh orange, lemon, lime peel, or grapefruit inside the footwear. Fresh citrus peels carry a fantastic smell due to their essential oils. Set fresh citrus peels inside your shoe overnight then remove these before using. They need to smell much better.

It is a challenge that a lot of people cannot stand to share more casually, but a thing that many of us have in common, for a fact, would be smelly shoes. 

Toss canvas footwear into the washing machine for freshening up, or you can use deodorant spray. However, these solutions are not long-lasting. Now that you know black tea bags in shoe techniques, you are much better off! 

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