You should have Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes in your home. This product is not only gentle but they also work hard. After using these wipes, you can expect a clean but mild scent. It does not have the chemical smell that other common products give. And to cap it all up, there is so much in every container (70 wipes in each) and it is very pocket-friendly.

These wipes will help kill off pathogens that may harm your health and that of your kids. It works botanically and not with any synthetic chemical. And its scent comes from natural fragrances too. These fragrances are both clean and pleasant. These wipes are indeed well-suited for non-porous surfaces. They are very great for wiping down your appliances and scrubbing out difficult stains, among many other things.

About Seventh Generation Brand

This company has very strong beliefs. And they know how important the values of a company are. The values of a company go side by side with their products. That is why they stick with high standards and a good value system for their operations. Indeed, customers can trust the products that come from Seventh Generation.

They look for the best plant-based ingredients to make their products. They use these ingredients for their products so that you can get the best-quality efficacy from using them. These products also provide sustainable options since they are made from renewable botanical ingredients.

More so, Seventh Generation makes the packaging for their products from recycled materials. This is friendlier for the environment. They hold on to many values. But the most important seems to be their responsibility to the health of this generation, as well as the seventh generation after this. This is where their name came from.

For more than 30 years, this amazing brand has been mission-driven. They seek to show that money is not the only reason for business. You can be in business and still be a good force in this world. With this belief, Seventh Generation is transforming the industry and fostering environmental health.

Seventh Generation also inspires consumer revolutions. They want to enhance the health of all their customers, as well as that of posterity. That is why environmental health is so important to them. So if you are looking for a good product for you and your family, as well as the environment, this is the brand for you.

The mission of this company keeps on burning bright year in, year out. You may be using this product within the walls of your home. But they have positive effects on the environment and community outside of your home too.

Is It Useful?

These disinfecting wipes are very useful. You need them for many reasons in your home. Even from the packaging, you know that you are holding something of great value.

The container has a very simple popup on it. It allows you to quickly grab your wipes whenever you want to clean tables, counters, or windows, as well as other surfaces too. There are 70 cloths in each tub. More so, you can easily store the containers in your pantry or a cabinet.

With these wipes, you can prevent harmful germs from spreading. The natural substances in these wipes will kill 99.99% germs. These include the germs that spread H1N1 and influenza A. If you use these wipes in your office, you may be able to reduce how often your employees call in sick.


The active ingredient in these disinfecting wipes is thymol. It comes from thyme oil. The other ingredients in these wipes are:

  1. Water
  2. SLS (derived from coconut or palm kernel)
  3. Bluestone (a mineral-derived water mineralized)
  4. Sodium citrate and citric acid (water softeners from cornstarch)
  5. Fragrances from essential oils
  6. Wipe substrate: rayon, polyester

Why Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes Is Better Than Competitors

This version is better than its competitors for the following reasons:

  1. It contains natural plant-based substances: The disinfecting and cleaning agents inside these wipes come from flowers and plants. You will not find harsh chemicals in it. As such, it is not harmful to both animals and humans.
  2. They are classified as food-grade: All of these ingredients meet the FDA’s requirements for food-grade classification. As such, you don’t even have to rinse them off food-contact surfaces after you use the wipes.

    Aside from these two, other great properties that set these wipes apart include the following:
  3. It kills off 99.99% germs botanically. These include flu and cold viruses.
  4. The wipes are convenient for daily touch-ups and cleaning jobs that are tough cleaning.
  5. After wiping surfaces with them, it leaves the surface smelling clean and fresh.

What Are The Benefits of Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes?

  1. These wipes will help kill off germs in a single swipe. These include influenza-A viruses, H1N1, type-37 rhinovirus, the methicillin-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Salmonella enterica.
  2. Well-suited for non-porous, hard surfaces where unpleasant odors or bacteria are a huge concern. These include floors, countertops, food-preparation surfaces, and appliances. Other examples include garbage cans, highchairs, changing tables, cribs, toilet seats, children’s toys, doorknobs, pet habitats, and desks.
  3. Lemongrass and citrus-scented disinfecting wipes will deodorize your home or office
  4. There are 70 wipes in each canister
  5. The canister size is 17.4 oz. This adds to the convenience of use
  6. The wipes’ formula is clear-drying and works well even in bathrooms and kitchens


A pack of six will cost about 33.54 USD on Amazon. Each pack has 70 wipes in it. This is quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

Company Information

Seventh Generation, 60 Lake Street, Burlington, VT 05401, USA


Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

I love this product because it works but has no harmful chemicals. Some say they hate the smell of these wipes. In many cases it’s because people are so used to the smell of harsh chemicals – disguised as “fragrances” – in cleaning products, plug-in deodorizers, et al, that a natural aroma from a natural source is unpleasant to them. Over 25 yrs ago I learned that most household brands of cleaning, washing & deodorizing products are toxic to our bodies – so even though they perform as advertised, it’s not worth the risk to my lungs and my health in general. I’m grateful that this product and products like this are available to those of us who want to use non-toxic products.

SO happy! We switch to a natural non-toxic multi-surface disinfectant about 10yrs ago with Melaleuca (Sol-u-gaurd). We got tired of having to fulfill our monthly quota. Plus, it seemed that I may have got a chemical bronchitis from it and took about 4-6m to get back to normal. That scared me a bit. This product smells MUCH more gentle and even smells very light compared to the Sol-u-guard, bleach and even Lysol…please don’t use that stuff! I found this cleaner on EWG who tells you about how toxic the ingredients are for your body and the environment.

This brand is pretty amazing but I really liked these disinfecting wipes. The smell can be kind of strong at first but I got used to it and I don’t have the fear of wiping down anything for my cat and having to watch her to make sure she doesn’t lick or smell the newly cleaned surface. She didn’t feel either way about the smell which is great because I feared she was going to hate it but she doesn’t feel the need to investigate the smell either like she would with normal chemical wipes.

I absolutely LOVE these, there is no telling how many of these I have purchased over the years! Its an earth-friendly product that also sanitizes! I use these on EVERYTHING, wiping the counters if there has been raw meat on them, wiping the surface of something a mouse has been on, cleaning my car, wiping off door knobs, cleaning my coolers out etc.! These are great, and I definitely recommend!

I really like these because they are 100% botanical. 7th Generation is also a cruelty-free company committed to animal rights. There are no chemicals or phosphates. It uses Thyme oil to kill 99.99% of household germs. It’s scent is alarming at first, it smells a little bit like bug spray but it won’t hurt you and it is not overpowering. They are a bit pricey but the 70 ct. bottle should last a while. Container is made from recycled plastic so that is another plus.

5 negative reviews

We love Seventh Generation products, and have always used the mint scented wipes. I recently ran out, and purchased a three pack of the lemongrass citrus variety in the 70-count cans. I’m here to warn people that they smell truly awful.

I was glad to find these healthy disinfecting wipes. Got them in good time shipping wise. They were delivered to my place and I brought them inside and opened one (I bought 2 big containers) and then I put them back outside. The scent was just terrible (to me and my husband) and I was surprised to see only a few people mentioned it. I wish I could get refunded the money that I paid because these are going to the recycling bin.

The smell is SO bad. And trust me, I use all natural products all the time. But these are so gross I will never re-purchase because the smell is so so bad. I tried adding some essential oils but it didn’t help. They smell like rubber and the scent stays on your hands. I regret buying such a large pack before testing them.

The odor of the product was very strong and, for me, very unpleasant. I had to wash my hands multiple times to get rid of the odor. The package was not sealed and the liquid leaked out during shipping.

This stuff smells so bad we couldn’t use it. We left it behind at our vacation rental hoping the next people find it useful.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes from local stores across the country. Online stores like Amazon also stock this product.

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