Olive oil happens to be one of those vital ingredients you should have in your kitchen. It is often used for salad dressings. Sometimes, it is also used in frying. Aside from its culinary uses, olive oil also has cosmetic uses, as well as a variety of other amazing uses. Well, if you are one of those who love using olive oil, then you need to answer this one question. Can olive oil go bad? Have you ever thought about that? This question indeed deserves an answer. Should you worry that your bottle of olive oil can expire? Is there any reason to bother about how long your olive oil will last? We know you see answers. We will supply answers for you in this article.

You should already know that all foods can go rancid. But then, olive oil has quite a long shelf-life. But that doesn’t mean it would never expire. The problem is that most people don’t know how to differentiate between good and rancid olive oil. The difference, however, is usually in appearance, flavor, and taste. Now, do you know why live oil may go bad? No, you know the things that can make it go bad real fast? How can you prevent your olive oil from going rancid very quickly? What is the best way to store olive oil? There are indeed many questions to answer. Read on, we will supply all the answers for you.

Olive Oil: Can It Go Bad?

If the seal of a bottle of olive oil is intact, it should stay good for about 2 to 3 years. But that also depends on whether you store it in proper conditions or not. Most people store their oil their pantry, though.

The important thing while storing your olive oil is to store it in a place where sunlight won’t be able to reach it. That keeps the temperature quite low (below room temperature) at all times. Well, in case you don’t know, changing temperatures and light can speed up the depreciation of olive oil quality.

What if you are living in a humid and hot environment (such as the tropics)? You may want to consider storing your olive oil in the refrigerator. This will help extend the oil’s shelf-life.

Now, how about when you have opened the bottle? You may also store it in the pantry. But maybe it would be better to store it in a cupboard. It should remain good for about a year minimum. It can even last up to 2 years. If you want to keep your oil in good shape for longer, you may choose to keep it in your fridge.

Keep in mind, however, that once you open an olive oil bottle, the exposure of the oil to oxygen will make it deteriorate faster. That is why you should not open an olive oil bottle except you have finished the previous one you’re using.

And even if the bottle is already opened, you should keep it sealed tightly. Make sure to also use the original can. Pouring it into another container will expose it to further oxidation. This will cause faster deterioration.

Don’t also forget to check the expiry date before you buy olive oil. Some products will indicate this as “Use By” and some will use “Best By”. Check the date and go for one that still has a long-term expiry date.

The expiry date doesn’t mean that the product has become unusable after the date. It only indicates an estimated date for which the product should remain at the best quality. Most times, the oil will remain good beyond its expiry date so long as you store it properly.

3 Top Benefits of Good Olive Oil

1. Lots of Antioxidants

Olive oil has an impressive nutrition profile. It contains beneficial fats, as well as modest vitamins K and E amounts. It also contains loads of potent antioxidants.

Its antioxidant content are not only biologically active, but they can help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. These antioxidants can also help your body fight inflammation, as well as lower the risk of developing heart disease.

2. Strong Anti-Inflammatory Effects

When the body suffers from chronic inflammation, it can cause lots of dangerous health problems. These include heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, diabetes (type 2), arthritis, obesity, and Alzheimer’s disease.

This oil may help reduce inflammation. This comes with lots of amazing health benefits. Experts say that Oleocanthal, a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient in this oil works just like ibuprofen, a popular anti-inflammatory drug.

They also tell us that another ingredient, oleic acid, (which is the main fat in olive oils) helps to reduce levels of CRP in your body. CRP is a very important marker for inflammation.

3. Protection From Heart Disease

The leading cause of mortality in this world is heart disease. This means that it is the highest thing why people die. But one study showed that residents of Mediterranean countries hardy have heart disease.

The findings of this study led experts to conduct more research and inquiry on what makes the Mediterranean diet special. Well, extra-virgin olive oil appears on the top of the list. It is one major ingredient of this amazing diet.

This oil protects you from the harmful effects of LDL. It also improves your blood vessel lining and prevents excessive clotting of blood. More so, it lowers your blood pressure. All of these protect your heart and prevent premature death.

How to Recognize Bad Olive Oil

How would you tell if your oil is gone bad? If you can’t tell from the appearance, open the oil and check the smell. Good oil smells like fresh ripe olives. But rancid oil smells like putty or crayons. It also has a greasy taste and a rancid but flavor.

So, can this oil go bad? Yes, it can. And you can tell by the appearance, smell, or taste. If you store the bottle properly, it will last longer. But it will eventually turn bad maybe after 2 to 3 years from the production date.

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