Hygiene is one of the key aspects of our survival as human beings. Unlike other mammals and members of the animal kingdom, human beings care for their bodies to ensure that they stay healthy and clean. With this, we look at certain items as essentials in terms of maintaining our cleanliness and overall hygiene. One essential item for cleaning our bodies is the soap and a company that specializes in the making of soap is Dr. Bronner’s. But who is Dr. Bronner’s and what are the products of this company? Where can people buy their products? In this article, we look at who Dr. Bronner’s is, the company’s core values, and where to buy their products. Read on to find out more!

Dr. Bronner’s A Brief Introduction

Dr. Bronner’s is a health and wellness company focused on the manufacturing and provision of body and hair care products such as soaps and they have a company motto that goes All-One! They have a website https://www.drbronner.com/ and on the said website, individuals can check out all of Dr. Bronner’s available products.

The core values of Dr. Bronner’s are called Cosmic Principles by the company which is encapsulated into six spheres and these are the following:

  • Ourselves- Work hard! Grow!
  • Our Customers- Do right by our customers
  • Our Employees- Treat employees like family
  • Our Suppliers- Be fair to suppliers
  • Our Earth- Treat the Eart Like Home
  • Our Community- Fund and Fight for what’s right

The story of Dr. Bronner’s is an interesting one with a lot of history. It all started in the year 1948 when the company was founded by Emmanuel Bronner. Bronner is a master soapmaker who is already considered the third generation. He came from a family of German-Jewish Soapmakers.  Through his products, he tried to emphasize the importance of oneness and unity regardless of ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs, coming up with the motto of We are All-One or None.

Dr. Bronner’s, to this day, is still run and owned by the family and the company is doing its best to honor the vision of its founding founders to produce products that environmentally and socially responsible but at the same time of very high quality. The company also commits to using its earnings and profits to make the world a better place.

The Cosmic Principles of Dr. Bronner’s

The cosmic principles and core values of Dr. Bronner’s can be more easily understood with the details provided below:

1. Ourselves: Work hard! Grow!

Dr. Bronner’s considers these three things its top priority- Work Hard! Prosper! Learn, Grow, and improve! For everything else to be possible, individuals must all strive to be successful. The questions Dr. Bronner’s ask would be in the following sequence: Who am I if not for me? What am I if only for me? And When if not now? This three sequenced question is referred to as the Moral ABC of Emmanuel Bronner but the moral behind it is direct to the point and that is we should be responsible not only for ourselves but also for our fellow human beings and as we grow, we must ensure that we are growing responsibly.

2. Our Customers: Do Righ by our Customers!

The most critical ingredient in all of this is love. The heart should take the lead and while it does take time, giving your best to your customers makes your customers like family. The whole company is designed to feel like one is serving one’s own son, daughter, or mother. This means that Dr. Bronner’s products use only the purest fair trade and organic components and most are certified as organic food-grade and vegan-friendly. Dr. Bronner does not use any foaming agents, or synthetic preservatives ensuring that their products are ideal for Earth, home, and humans.

3. Our Employees: Treat Employees Like Family

The company believes that they should treat their employees like extended family especially since Dr. Bronner is a family business. Employees are part of the family and they all play a crucial role in the operations of the company. As such, the company gives them the compensation and the benefits they deserve.

4. Our Suppliers: Be Fair to Suppliers

The company’s interactions and relationships with suppliers can be called verifiable, tangible, sustainable, personal, local, and direct.  This is important so that clients know that the products they are purchasing can have a great and lasting impact on them and the communities that produce the said products and ingredients. This is essentially honoring the founders of this company in that they wanted a company that can help improve the world through the product inside and the label found on the packaging.

5. Our Earth: Treat the Earth Like Home

The company believes that the earth’s gifts should be used in a manner that is mindful and humble. Overall, it means that no harm should be done on land, animals, or people in the quest for coming up with high-quality products. This means that farming projects should be organic and regenerative with tree planting programs and soil enrichment forming part of the overall scheme. The packaging of the products should also be 100% post-consumer recycled with a big check on waste reduction!

6. Our Community: Fund and Fight for What is right

The company has always been a company of activists ever since the founder called on people to join as one and be united while selling some of his soap products. To this day, the company looks to support and finance causes that are worth fighting for such as animal advocacy, fair trade, agricultural regeneration, and living wages. In fact, the company prides itself in being called the fighting soap company.

Where to Buy Dr. Bronner’s Products

The products being sold by Dr. Bronner’s can usually be found in pharmacies, supermarkets, and natural grocers. However, those who wish to purchase their products online can do so by visiting the company’s website at https://www.drbronner.com/. Other affiliate websites may also be selling the said health and self-care products but buying directly from Dr. Bronner’s website can give customers discounts and good deals.

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