It could be quite challenging to come up with ideas on healthy snacks that would befit vegan diets. Clearly, a vegan diet can only include plant foods. No animal product can fit into this kind of diet. This limits the options of foods and snacks alike. However, there are lots of healthy, satisfying snacks you can eat that are vegan-friendly. How about when you just desire to have some crunchy feel in your mouth? Are there some vegan chips that you can eat too? Are there crunchy vegan snacks that you can munch while watching your favorite show or a movie? Yes, there are several vegan-friendly chips.

There is a lot of bad rap about processed foods. But we can’t deny that they bring us comfort at times. SO there is nothing bad if you indulge yourself once in a while. Just make sure you are eating mostly fresh produce in your daily diet. If you eat lots of whole foods already, like in the vegan-diet, you should not feel guilty about eating vegan-friendly chips. They may be processed, but they do not break the code of the vegan diet. You can eat these chips while on a long trip, during your break at work, during a movie night, and even to satisfy cravings. We will save you the stress of having to read through the ingredients lists all the time. Here is the ultimate guide to vegan chips.

Top Vegan Chips

Top Vegan Chips You Should Know About

1. Spicy/Sweet Chili Doritos

This is a chip that satisfies like no other. The incredible combo of flavor in these chips is rich and very satisfying. It is sweet, spicy, and savory. How many chips can beat that? It goes very well when you take it with guacamole.

2. Original Salsitas (Tortilla Rounds)

You don’t want to miss the double dose of power that zesty salsa has to offer. It’s all locked up in this incredible chip.

3. Fritos Corn Chips

This may be a snack food, but it is one of the best friends of real food. One bag of this classic snack is all you need for your long trips. It is one amazing vegan-friendly chip that you should not miss out on.

4. Ruffles Tapatío

These chips can help bring the heat on. The limon flavor is incredibly amazing.

5. Kettle Brand Chips (Maple Bacon)

These sweet chips are smoky and can pass for a great breakfast. This may not be the best breakfast choice. But they sure can bail you out when you’re outright flat and tired.

6. Muchos Flamin’ Hot Crisps

Most of the “Flamin’ Hot” snacks are not vegan-friendly. However, their potato chips are an exception. Get ready for the spicy flavor to fuel some flaming fire in that mouth of yours.

7. Sabritones Wheat Snacks (Chile/Lime Flavor)

Typical of wheat chips, these snacks have a texture that is both crispy and light at the same time. But this is in sharp contrast with the intensity of their flavor. Anyways, they taste to well and can fill you up.

8. Earth Balance Kettle Chips

These are loaded with a very rich cheddar taste. More so, it is free of all the odds that dairy foods are notorious for.

9. Pringles XTRA-Tangy Buffalo Wing

Who knows? This might be the best-canned food ever. In case you didn’t know, they are vegan-friendly too.

10. Kettle Brand Potato Chips

You can make good use of your money by buying these bold barbecue chips. They are good for lunch when you combine them with an amazing submarine sandwich.

More Options of Healthy Homemade Vegan-Friendly Chips

1. Salsa & self-made tortilla chips

Salsa is usually a product of tomatoes, lime juice, onions, salt, and some seasonings. It is well loaded with potassium and vitamin C. It also has lots of lycopene in it. Lycopene is a beneficial compound that you can find in tomatoes.

When you consume high amounts of lycopene, your risks of heart disease would reduce a great deal. You can eat salsa with your self-made tortilla chips.

There’s nothing bad with store-bought chips too. But they may contain lots of salt and vegetable oil. So you should be careful with them.

Tortilla chips are not difficult to make. All you need do is slice some tortillas, put some olive oil around them, and then bake for about 15 minutes. Put the temperature at 350°F.

2. White-Bean-Dip with self-made pita chips

This is indeed an amazing combination. You can make the dip by blending cannellini or white beans with some lemon juice, garlic, fresh herbs, and olive oil. The nutrient profile of white beans is mind-blowing and quite impressive.

White beans have about 5 g of protein, more than 10% of the daily requirement of iron, as well as 4 g of fiber. All of these are in just one-fourth of a cup. That makes about 50 grams of white beans.

Now, when you pair pita chips with this nutrient-rich dip, you have a healthy homemade vegan snack. To make pita chips, you only need to slice some whole-grain pitas, put some olive oil around them, and then bake for about 10 minutes. Put the temperature at 400°F.

3. Baked-Veggie Chips

Baked-veggie chips are prepared from sliced veggies that were dried and then baked at a low temperature. This snack is vegan-friendly and very delicious too.

Baked-veggie chips can supply a wide range of nutrients to your body. It all depends on the exact type of veggie you are using.

If you use carrots, for instance, you would be getting lots of vitamin A. Beets, on the other hand, contains lots of folate and potassium. All you need do is sliced the veggies thinly and bake at the temperature of 200–250°F for about 30 to 60 minutes.

You Can Never Run Out of Options

When it comes to vegan chips, you can never run out of options. Whether store-bought or homemade, you are sure to get the satisfaction and crunchiness that you desire. Indeed, there are all manners of chips, but vegan-friendly chips truly beat out imagination.

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