Barnana offers several organic snacks that are healthy choices. They include banana bites, plantain chips, and crunchy brittle. This provides tasty and delicious options for snack time. There are many snack foods on the market and these are some of the healthiest options.  

The Brand, The Company, And The Type Of Product 

The snack food industry is booming and worth over $450 billion worldwide (2017). There are many options but many of them aren’t healthy. That’s because they contain lots of additives like sugar, salt, and unhealthy fat. This can make it difficult to pick store-bought snack foods. 

Barnana was launched in 2011 so it’s existed for under a decade. The company focuses on banana and plantain snacks including chips, bites, and brittle. This allows customers to pick among different options in terms of taste and texture. 

The company history dates back to the early 1980s when the founder’s father. What started out as an experiment resulted in the Barnana being launched. It involved using a natural dehydrator that was used to prepare the banana snacks. 

The key benefit of the process results in organic bananas lasting for months. The Brazilian man’s son moved to California, USA and launched a new company that featured the banana superfood. This food is loaded with nutrients including potassium. 

The company now offers a wide range of different products. They include plantain chips, banana bites, and brittle. This provides several options in terms of banana/plantain, texture, and flavors. For example, if you pick either of these three kinds of snacks you can pick from different flavors as well. 

Is It Tasty?

The company’s products have received high marks from many customers. For example, the average review of several products on Amazon is very high. This is based on different factors. They include products using organic ingredients. This helps not only to make the items nutritious but also delicious. 

For example, if you pick the banana bites you have many options in terms of flavors. They include original, coconut, tropical, and summer variety. This allows you to select a flavor based on your particular tastes.

Ingredients: List key ingredients that make this product special/effective.

The main feature of Barnana products is they include organic ingredients. The products are certified USDA organic. They’re non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. These are key features that provide healthy ingredients. 

There’s a difference between ingredients being natural and organic. While bananas are natural they’re sometimes grown using synthetic ingredients like pesticides and fertilizers. This makes them less healthy because you’re affected by the chemicals when you consume the food. This can cause health issues over time, even if the foods themselves are natural. 

Why this version is better than competitors

There are various organic banana snacks on the market. Barnana provides a few differences. One of the main ones is the products are organic. So you won’t have to worry about consuming unhealthy chemicals that were used to grow bananas. That can cause health issues when you ingest the chemicals.

Another interesting thing about these snacks is the bananas/plantains have been “upcycled.” In other words, the bananas were saved from being wasted. After being dehydrated they can last for several months. So these products are eco-friendly in various ways. Besides not being treated with synthetic chemicals they also prevent food waste. 

Another interesting feature of this company is that they offer a wide variety in terms of banana/plantain products. For example, while several banana chips are on the market this company offers different fruits like bananas and plantains. You can also get different textures like chips and chewy bites. 

What are the benefits?

These products are very eco-friendly. It starts with the ingredients that aren’t exposed to synthetic ingredients. That prevents those chemicals from getting into the air or in the soil, which provides various green benefits for the local area and the world. 

The company also offers a wide range of different products. They include the main options of banana or plantain products. Many people are familiar with banana chips but this company offers plantain chips. While it’s a relative of the banana, it’s still a different fruit.

You can also pick products with different flavors. So if one doesn’t sound very appetizing you can pick another one. Besides the flavors, you can also pick products of different sizes. So if one or several people are enjoying a bag of chips, bites, or brittle you can pick the right size based on how many people will be consuming them. 

Another plus is that the products are vegan non-GMO, and gluten-free. So if you’re looking for a healthy snack and have a gluten allergy, for example, then this is a good option. Today many people are looking for snack foods that don’t contain gluten grains like wheat, barley, or rye. 

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

The prices aren’t “cheap” and are in the under-$20 price range. However, it’s worth noting that you’re getting organic, vegan, and gourmet snacks. These snacks are much better than standard banana chips in terms of taste and nutrition. 

In terms of the value that you get, it might be worth paying more for organic and delicious banana chips, or brittle.  

Company Information

Company Address Santa Monica, California

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Organic 
  • Vegan
  • Many flavors
  • Plantain products
  • High quality 

5 negative reviews

  • Older packaging online
  • Contains palm oil 
  • High price tag 
  • Might be stale
  • Some flavors not tasty 

Where to buy

You can find these products online and in physical stores. This provides various options since you can purchase them at supermarkets, health food stores, etc. You can also find them at online retailers like Amazon.

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