We like to have beautiful and youthful hair. In addition, people prefer to have their chosen hair color to be what they want it to be. Some products, however, can be damaging to the hair especially if they contain ingredients that are artificial or chemically based. Lucky for us, there is a product that can not only give us the long-lasting color or shade we want with our hair but it is also a product that can naturally enhance the health of our hair and this product is known as Naturtint Permanent Hair Color. If you want to know more about this product, read on and find out!

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color: All About The Brand

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color is a form of permanent hair color that uses more plant ingredients than chemicals. As such, choosing to buy Naturtint hair color can be the healthier option for your hair and the better choice for our environment as Naturtint products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The manufacturer, Naturtint, has been in the hair product business for about two (2) decades (20 years) and has been aggressively driving towards reduced chemicals in hair products. The laboratory origins of Naturtint can be traced to Phergal Laboratories in Spain and with their advances in hair products, hair color that is ammonia-free became possible in 1994. 

Is  Naturtint Permanent Hair Color: Is It Useful or Beneficial?

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color is extremely useful as it can provide the kind of color they prefer and at the same time keep the hair nourished and healthy. This is because Naturtint Permanent Hair Color contains minimal artificial ingredients or chemicals and has the following key ingredients for its color developer- oxyquinoline sulfate, cetearth-20, laureth-3, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol,  hydrogen peroxide, and 2.1 fl oz / 60 ml: Aqua purificata (purified water)

Why is Naturtint Permanent Hair Color Better than Competitors

As mentioned earlier, Naturtint Permanent Hair Color has minimal chemical and artificial ingredients which means it can better help in the maintenance and enhancement of hair health and nourishment. In fact, Naturtint Permanent Hair Color claims to provide beautiful colored hair for almost three (3) weeks, contains oleic acid from real olives, and a commitment to increase the nourishment and protection of hair. 

Benefits of Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

Listed below are some of the benefits of Naturtint Permanent Hair Color:

  • It can provide results that are vibrant and healthy
  • It is backed up with the rigors of scientific research and verifiable data
  • Using Naturtint ensures that the product you are using is sustainable for mother nature. 
  • Using Naturtint ensures that the product you are using is cruelty-free
  • Most importantly, Naturtint leans towards the use of plant-based ingredients which means a more natural combination that can help in the nourishment of hair

What Is The Price? How Does It Compare To Competitor Products?

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color is competitively priced at $78.29 based on the Amazon website. A similar product called Daeng Gi Meo Ri Medicinal Herb Hair Color is priced lower at $14.15.

Company Information

For questions or clarifications, customers may directly contact with the manufacturer, Naturtint, via telephone number 877-372-6567 or via their company e-mail at CustomerService@NaturtintUSA.com or via the customer contact us page at https://naturtintusa.com/contact/.

Customer Reviews  

Listed below are some of the positive reviews for the said product

I’ve used Naturtint for 8 years. What a difference! Covers gray & is gentle. The company is very responsive to questions. These boxes have a fraction of less than the standard size. The savings are considerable (half what I’d pay in a store). I was worried the use-by dates wouldn’t give me enough time to use them but I was enormously pleased that they don’t expire for 5 years! The newer box includes protective cream to help color last. Naturtint is great: they encourage you to color only gray roots…so you maintain hair health & save $. Everyone I’ve suggested trying Naturtint has been pleased.


This is THE best hair color you can get out there!!! The color itself is excellent..covers well and looks so natural. My integrative doctor recommended it because I have some autoimmune issues and this color is very mild on the scalp and is non-ammonia based. I have no burning or itching and there is no strong odor. When you buy the six-pack, the price is about $8.20….less than the average good hair color that you can buy in the stores and a much better price than if you bought just one box at Whole Foods. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair! I give Naturtint the highest rating!


Although I have not used my new batch yet with the lighter tint than my previous one, I have every confidence that this one also will measure up. I always look forward to using it because it makes me look 20 years younger. My hair looks fuller, shinier and perfect color every time. With every order of 6 boxes, I take it down a notch with a lighter shade. Thank you, Amazon for selling the Naturtint at an affordable price. My package arrived before the predicted dates and in great condition by USPS priority mail. I did not have to wait for it and waste my day. Thank you Naturtint for your seamless method of shipping and a fantastic trustful product.

Sarah L

The package came very fast with 6 boxes of the color that I choose.

I am very happy with my order because even with the shipping fees the price it’s just perfect!

I am using this product since February 2014 and I love it. I am very picky about hair colors since my hairs are very thin and delicate. This product does not contain ammonia, it doesn’t smell and it covers grey hairs very well. I have to add that I realized that the color may last more than 3 weeks if you use also the Nutrideep Multiplier, which is the cream that comes with the color and the shampoo in the box. It really helps to fix and last the color.


Listed below are some of the negative reviews for the said product

I have been using 4N for over a year now.

Inside bottle renews at this time.

I put this product for over an hour every time.

Usually only once enough to color on my hair.

But not this time.

I color twice at this time.

Because it doesn’t good color like all last year.

So I thought my work doesn’t really good and I did color the next day for over an hour again.

See pictures. It is not clear to see my pics.

But white hair still there

I using professional tools for hair color when I do it my self.

Look my picture…, such a poor job !!!!

I need to return 2 more boxes !!!!

I don’t use any more!!!


I am still in complete shock. I have very thick hair, thank God, otherwise, it would have been even worse. I used the product maybe 4 times and all of the sudden noticed significant thinning. Don’t use, very toxic and not natural at all!! Other reviews on other sides have noticed a lot of hair loss too, not the only one…


I bought 6 packs of Naturtint and just used one of them. It does not work well at covering the gray. I left it on for 1 hour and it still not covering the stubborn grey at my temples. The only good thing is there is no awful chemical smell. Now I am stuck with five packs of Naturtint with bad grey coverage.


Where to buy

Those who wish to buy Naturtint Permanent Hair Color may visit the Amazon website at https://www.amazon.com/Naturtint-Permanent-Hair-Color-Chestnut/dp/B001E0VWT8#customerReviews

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